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Parent Support Group

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PSG at Yishun Primary School recognises the importance of parents’ participation on the learning journey of their child. PSG@YPS believes that we can complement and enhance the roles of parents in the following ways:
Engagement – PSG@YPS serves as a networking platform for parents to provide mutual support while connecting with the school.
Enrichment – PSG@YPS is also a platform for parents to improve their parenting skills so they can better understand and support their teens.
Support – PSG@YPS supports the school in providing our pupils with a holistic education.

Key Activities

Engagement – Membership Recruitment Drive, Annual General Meeting, Event Gatherings and Outings.
Enrichment - Parenting Talks, Workshops and Sharing Sessions.
Support – Safety Programmes, Sports Carnival, Learning Support, Learning Journeys, Children’s Day, Teachers’ Day, CCAs.

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