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Parent Support Group

Our Partners in Education

Our PSG plays a key role in supporting many of our school’s programmes and events. They devote quality time to give support to the teachers, all for the betterment of our children’s education journey.

Roles of YPS PSG

  • Facilitates communication among school and parents/community
  • Serves as a communication channel for parents to provide constructive feedback on school programmes
  • Supports school's programme and initiatives
  • Promotes well-being and good values in our students
  • Encourages other parents to join the PSG to ensure sustainability of home-school partnership

To promote a strong home-school partnership, we would like to invite all parents to join our Parents Support Group (PSG). Please complete this application form by 12 January 2023 to register your interest.  


Areas of Involvement

Areas of Involvement


Student’s Safety

To monitor the safety of students during Reporting to School / School Dismissal / Learning Journeys

Events Management

To assist in the preparation and logistic (eg. school decorations, exhibition booth, game corners) for school programmes/events.

Co-curricular Activities - CCA

To provide assistance or professional coaching for competition or performances.

Character and Citizenship Education - CCE

To support in character building programmes (eg. conduct career sharing/talk to the students)