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MOE Innergy (Schools) Gold Award - Showcasing of Project S.C.R.E.E.N at MOE ExCEL Fest

Our Project S.C.R.E.E.N received the 2018 MOE Innergy (Schools) Gold Award at the Award Ceremony of MOE ExCEL Fest 2019.  We were pleased to share our good practice with educators at our exhibition booth from 27 - 28 May 2019. Click here to view the photo gallery. 

Our School flower - "Dendrobium Yishun Primary School"

We are proud to announce that our School Flower - "Dendrobium Yishun Primary School" has been officially registered in the International Orchid Register in November 2018.  "Dendrobium Yishun Primary School" is created from the Orchid Hybridisation programme, which is a signature programme of our school’s Applied Learning Programme. Please click here to find out more about our ALP programme. 



17th Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award

Created in 1995 in honour of the father of Scouting in Singapore, the Frank Cooper Sands Award is awarded annually to sectional scout units for unit excellence. This year Yishun Primary School received its 17th Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award. Congratulations to our cub scouts! Click here for more information.


Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Visual Arts 2019

In the SYF category A, the artwork entitled 'Sea-ing Plastic', created by our team of P2 pupils has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition! Click here for more information.

'Sea-ing Plastic'

Green Wave Environment Care Project for Schools

To inculcate awareness and motivate students to gain a sense of personal and group responsibility for their own environment and in the process, three groups of pupils participated in the Green Wave Environmental Care Competition 2018 organised by Sembcorp Marine Ltd. The pupils learned valuable lessons in the process of competition and each of the three teams clinched an award! Click here for more information.

Green Wave Award


Parents Gateway

Our school is onboard Parents Gateway! For parents, who would like to know more about Parents Gateway, you can click here for more information or view the video below.

Achievements for SYF Arts Presentation 2018

Our Performing Arts CCAs have attained excellence in this year SYF Arts Presentation.

Certificates of Distinction - Concert Band and Indian Dance

Certificates of Accomplishment - Malay Dance, Chinese Dance, Angklung Ensemble, Gamelan Ensemble and International Dance. 


Yishun Primary School's Learning for Life Programme: Viva De Symphonie - Championing Values: Living, Learning and Growing Through Music

Having been credited with the National Arts in Education Glow Award, the school's arts initiatives have been recognised by the National Arts Council for its rigour in developing more than just the mere appreciation of the aesthetics. Anchoring on the approaches of Music for All and Music for Excellence, the school's Learning for Life Programme adopts a modular approach in exposing all pupils to music. Every Yishun Primary pupil will be able to play at least 6 musical instruments at the end of his primary educational journey in the school.

A Caring School of Happy, Engaged Learners

Over the years, Yishun Primary School has been recognized for excelling in both the curricular and co-curricular areas. These accolades covered the cognitive domains - Languages, Mathematics & Science, as well as in the Co-Curricular Areas (CCAs). The school will continue to provide its pupils with a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy skills; develop their love for learning and equip them with 21st century competencies, knowledge and sound moral values to prepare them for life. Click here for more photos.

Promoting the Attinment of 21st Century Competencies through Yishun Primary School's Applied Learning Programme (Environmental Science Education)

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP): Environmental Science Education aims to impart our pupils the practical concepts of science and its interplay with the environment. This 6-year progressive learning is integrated in Project Work and helps every pupil to develop 21st Century Competencies. ICT is used to support the inquiry process and also facilitates scientific research, student collaboration and self-directed learning.



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