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YPS In the News

Story of our Pupils Who Have Exemplified the Value of Integrity (Featured in STOMP 2017)

We are proud of our pupils, Chelsea Oh and Ng Sin Hui who found a lost wallet and returned it to the owner. They have exemplified the school value of "integrity". They were featured in the STOMP for their good deed . Click here to read more. 

Story of Our CIvic-minded Pupil (Featured in STOMP 2016)

We are proud of our pupil, Ashvin Gunasegaran who had selflessly rushed to the aid of the victims of an accident that occurred at the junction of Yishun Ring Road and Yishun Avenue 2.  Click here to read more about his good deed.

Story OYEA 2016

Story OYEA 2016_Sivakami Ratha (final).pdf

Contact Magazine


We are proud that our teacher, Mr Vasudavan has been featured in the January Issue of Contact - The Teacher's Digest. Mr Vasudavan shared his experience on how he engages both pupils and parents in his teaching profession.

Spelling Bee Launch


40 P5 pupils participated in the launch of RHB - The Straits Times National Spelling Championship 2015. The pupils put their spelling skills to the test when they spelt words using letter cards given to them. Following the launch, our P5 and P6 spellers will be taking part in the competition. We wish them all the best!