Every Child Matters

Our Approach

‘Many Helping Hands, Leave No Child Behind’

Engagement of Parents to Support the Pupils

In our continuous efforts to foster strong, meaningful partnership and promote Home-School collaboration, the SDT organises the Meet-The-Parent session and Parent-Child-Teacher-Conference.

During the teacher-parent conferences, parents are updated on the development of their child in school and opportunities are provided for them to share their concerns of their child with the teachers. Parents are provided with useful tips and practical information on how they can further support their children at home in the various subjects. Parents are also updated on the special programmes which have been organised for the various levels to support their children’s holistic education.

Through their attendance, the support shown by the parents is heartening and feedback is favourable. The session clearly shows the close partnership that exists between the school and the parent community in order to support the learning of the children.

An engaging session to share the progress and performance of the pupil.
The classroom provides a conducive environment for the conference.

A teacher sharing some strategies with a parent to support his child’s learning at home.

Parents having a meaningful conference with the Mother Tongue teachers in the school hall.

Promoting a whole school approach in providing for student development and well-being of all students

The Year Heads and Assistant Year Heads look into the alignment of level directions with the school’s vision. They ensure the structured curricula/programmes promote the development and well-being of all students.

The YHs/AYHs advocate for the needs of the students and work closely with the relevant Middle Managers in their planning and implementation of programmes ensuring that they address the needs of students in the level. The YHs/ AYHs also provide input/feedback in the review of level programmes and strategies to ensure that they are progressive and that there is coherence across the years.

Support and Intervention for Pupils with Specific Needs

The SDT works with level teachers to deepen understanding of students’ needs and to enhance students’ engagement and learning. We also manage the delivery of level-wide initiatives to facilitate holistic development of students.

The YHs/ AYHs conduct conversations with FTs, Co-FTs, level teachers during SDT Time/TTT. At the conversations, Roles & Responsibilities of FTs & Co-FTs are communicated. The weekly conversation with the teachers in the level during TTT helps in having a common understanding of the programmes to be carried out for pupils (e.g. Prosocial Leaders). This helps the pupils as the programmes carried out are standardized. The SDT also supports and guides the teachers in Teacher-Student conferences effectively.

A structured SDT Time with FTs and Co-FTs is also set up to promote culture of care (for the class and the level) through discussion of student well-being and development matters once a term.

Quantitative data is analysed to identify and understand the needs & concerns of the level. (The sources of data include Students’ financial records, Students’ attendance, Students’ conduct grades, Discipline records and Students’ academic progress.)

YHs and AYHs worked with Discipline HOD to monitor the state of discipline in the level and proposed improvement plans. YH/AYH worked with Discipline HOD to handle discipline issues and communicated with parents when needed.

Support and Intervention for Pupils with Specific Needs

The SDT helps students to build bonds with the community of teachers and students. Through better understanding of their students’ needs, the teachers will be able to provide timely support, and tailor lessons that increase student engagement. 

The SDT works closely with FTs, AEDs, relevant MMs to monitor student’s data and identify specific groups of students who require additional support. There is a structured approach in referring pupils for counselling, monitoring of pupils with Long Term Absenteeism (LTA) and pupils with specific educational needs. 

There is a synergised approach aimed at managing specific groups of students in the levels. Supports and interventions are provided for pupils with special educational needs (SEN). There are special programme such as "Im Cool" Programme, Speech and Language Therapy, Play Therapy etc. to supports pupils with SEN.  

The school also works closely with external agencies to support pupils in various areas like finance, family issues e.g. Child Protection Unit, MSF, FSC, REACH etc. We also work closely with SSWO to support pupils with LTA.

Support for Pupils with Financial Needs

The Year Heads look into providing additional support for pupils with financial needs. Pupils in the MOE and School-based Financial Assistance Scheme are provided with free school shoes/socks, stationery sets, spectacles, digital oral thermometers, meal and transport vouchers. The pupils are also given support to apply for free internet-ready computers under the NEU-PC Plus Programme. Families of selected FAS pupils are provided further support by referring them to FSC to cater to their financial needs.

The School applies the SPH Pocket Money Fund for all FAS pupils who qualified as well as any other external bursaries available such as Sembcorp.

Competencies for Teachers

To increase the competencies of teachers for their role in student development, the SDT also looks into capacity building of the teachers. The goal is to develop level teachers professionally as teacher-leaders in the area of student development. Workshops are organised to equip teachers with skills to better prepare them in managing pupils with SEN. Some workshops that are organised include Dyslexia Awareness and Managing Pupils with Meltdown.