Every Child Matters

Our Approach

‘Many Helping Hands, Leave No Child Behind’

Growth Mindset

In Yishun Primary School, we believe that having a growth mindset is crucial for success in life. Growth Mindset refers to the belief that a person’s abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work. The school has embarked in imbuing a Growth Mindset (GM) culture in the school through the GM curriculum which includes explicit instructions and integration of the key growth mindset messages across subjects. 
Key Growth Mindset Messages:


CHAT (Connecting Heart And Thoughts)

CHAT sessions provide teachers with a platform to meet individual students regularly to get to know them better. These sessions not only helps strengthen teacher-student relationship (TSR) but also helps build mutual respect and trust. Teachers use the CHAT sessions to motivate the students and also reach out to them to provide the necessary support.


TRANSIT (TRANsition Support for InTegration (TRANSIT) Programme

The school has embarked on the TRANSIT programme from this year. TRANSIT provides early targeted intervention required through explicit teaching of self-management skills to identified Primary One students. 


Transit Classroom

Support Programmes

Our school uses the Tiered System of Support Framework to identify and provide the necessary support to cater to the specific needs of students. This ranges from withdrawal sessions to developing specific skills and counselling sessions.  

Some examples of specialized programmes organized for specific groups of students include:
  1. Play Therapy
  2. Speech and Language Therapy
  3. Art Therapy
  4. Colour Therapy
  5. Horse Therapy
Play Therapy Room

Horse Therapy

Engaging Parents

To foster strong, meaningful partnership and promote Home-School collaboration, the school organises Parents Engagement sessions. These sessions enable parents to have a better understanding of the curriculum and programmes in the various levels. These sessions also include sharing by Form teachers and Co-Form teachers on classroom matters.

Meet-The-Parents sessions are also conducted to update parents on the development of their children in school and to offer useful tips on how they can further support their children at home.      


Supporting Teacher Development to Support Students

In order to provide the relevant support to cater to the needs of the students, building teacher capacity is crucial. Professional development opportunities are provided to  teachers to  develop their skills so as to better support the students in the various areas.

Working with External Agencies

The school works with external agencies to look into the needs of students and their families. For instance, the school works closely with social service agencies not only to support the learning of students with needs but also to support underprivileged  families.

We also work with external agencies like RSVP, a non-profit organisation of senior volunteers who organise after-school programmes for selected students such as homework supervision, teaching craft work and inculcation of values.