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Physical Education


A healthy mind and a healthy body through a healthy lifestyle 


To equip pupils with knowledge on social, mental and physical skills and values to embrace a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education Objectives 

To enable our students to demonstrate individually and with others the physical skills, practices, and values to enjoy a lifetime of active, healthy living.

The physical education programme provides a range of movement experiences to develop students’ overall development. The purpose is to help all students develop a foundation for an active life. The lower primary level focuses on mastery of fundamental motor skills such as locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills with application of movement concepts to develop efficiency, effectiveness and versatility in students’ performance. Once the foundation is laid, the upper primary level extends on the mastery of discrete skills to focus on more complex combinations and sequences of movements, and skills application in more recognisable forms of activity and games.

Goals of Physical Education

Goal 1:

Acquire a range of motor skills to participate in a variety of physical activities

Goal 2:

Understand and apply movement concepts, principles and strategies in a range of physical activities

Goal 3:

Demonstrate safe practices during physical and daily activities with respect to themselves, others and the environment.

Goal 4:

Display positive personal and social behaviour across different experiences.

Goal 5:

Acquire and maintain health-enhancing fitness through regular participation in physical activities.

Goal 6:

Enjoy and value the benefits of living a physically active and healthy life.

The 7 learning areas that students experience in physical education:

·        Athletics (from Primary 3)

·        Dance

·        Games and Sports

·        Gymnastics

·        Outdoor Education

·        Physical Health and Fitness

·        Swimming (by the end of P6)

Highlights of some programmes:

Annual Sports Day

One of the events that our P3 to P6 pupils look forward to is the Annual Sports Day held at Yishun Sports Stadium. Practising hard during the House Practice and participating at the Sports Day has been rather memorable for many of our pupils. Besides the track events, pupils are also involved in cheerleading and banner-making displaying great teamwork, sportsmanship and true grit. For our non-competitors, our collaboration with Sports SG provides them with opportunities to participate in a non-competitive manner in relays organised by staff from Sports SG at the field. The Staff and Parent Race add to the overall excitement of this event.

P3 SwimSafer Programme

The objective of this programme is to develop important life skills such as water confidence and water safety in our P3 pupils. The swimming sessions are conducted by qualified swimming instructors at Yishun Swimming Complex.


Our Primary 5 pupils participated in the Annual P5 Camp INSPIRE at MOE Jalan Bahtera Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre. 

Camp INSPIRE serves as a platform for our pupils to develop character, social-emotional competencies and leadership skills as they interact with one another and forge new bonds and friendships with their peers through their common shared experiences and goals.

For many of our pupils, this may well be their first time stepping out of their comfort zones of their home, parents and familiar environment to one where they were constantly challenged. Cheers to their courage in taking up the challenges and completing their 3-Days, 2-Nights camping experience.

The P5 camp would be a memorable experience for all the pupils for they have built many new friendships, cared for and motivated each other and above all, they have learnt to challenge their limits and not limit their challenges.      


Healthy Lifestyle Week and Fiesta

The Healthy Lifestyle Week and Fiesta aims to promote awareness among pupils and parents on the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and provide a platform for pupil-parent bonding through participation in healthy lifestyle activities.

During the Healthy Lifestyle Week, pupils are encouraged to participate in a variety of games during recesses for them to learn that being healthy is fun too. Our partners, Active SG add variety to the games and made the games interactive and fun-filled. A gallery is set up for pupils to learn tips on consuming healthy food and participate in a quiz to test their knowledge. One of the popular exhibits is the depiction of the amount of sugar in some of the popular sugary drinks.  It proved to be a revelation for the pupils and they have become more conscious of the amount of sugar they consume and the negative effects of high sugar intake.

Rounding off the week with a treat to milo drink from the Milo Van, pupils learn to make healthier choices of drinks with lower sugar content.   

The finale is the Healthy Lifestyle Fiesta held on the Saturday of the week. Recognizing that parents play a very critical role in our pupils leading a healthy lifestyle, both parents and pupils come to learn and have fun together.

From interactive exhibits and game booths to preparing healthy food workshop, Mass Zumba workouts and Blood Pressure (BP) initiatives, there is something for everyone to enjoy, and for them to learn that healthy living can be fun indeed!


P3 Day Camp

Our P3 pupils are exposed to Outdoor Education which engages their sense of adventure through the exploration of both natural and urban environments from their immediate surroundings to other unfamiliar locations. Students develop appropriate outdoor skills through physical activities while cultivating an attitude of care and appreciation for the environment, and thoughtful consideration of the risks and safety of self and others. The students’ learning experiences are set in authentic contexts which include a day trip around the neighbourhood, locate the position of self in relation to the landmarks in the school and its neighbourhood using pictorial charts and apply key principles and considerations of packing for a day trip.


Rules of Sports Safety

1.     Screening 

Check the well-being of yourself before any activity. Ignoring the signs of unwell will put unnecessary strain on the body and the body will take more time to recover.  

2.     Adequate Hydration 

Enough fluid should be consumed to avoid dehydration.Hence, ensure you have a bottle of water to consume before, during and after any physical activity. 

3.     Fairplay and Injury Prevention 

Understanding the rules of the game and engaging in fair play will reduce the risk of injuring yourself or others. Ensure proper warm up is done before any physical activity. 

4.     Environment 
Ensure the environment is safe before carrying out any activity. Seek for shelter immediately if there is lightning.