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A patriotic and contributing citizen

Our school places a strong emphasis on our National Education Programme. The National Education/Social (NE/SS) Committee plans many interesting and meaningful activities to promote National Education values in the school. It is incorporated into the curriculum, both formally and informally.

Besides commemorating and celebrating the 4 main events - Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day, the school also has a series of other interesting activities to promote National Education in our pupils.

Our Core NE Programmes

4 Main Commemorative events
The school commemorates 4 main National Education events which have been identified as significant moments in Singapore's history. Through the commemoration of these events, we hope that our pupils will be aware of the significance of each experience.

Total Defence Day 2016

Yishun Primary School celebrated Total Defence Day on Monday, 15 February. This year, the theme was “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”. Military and Social Defences took centrestage in this year’s celebration. Singapore continues to strengthen ties amongst the different ethnic communities and transform the armed forces into a lean fighting force in the face of the current uncertain environment

Pupils were treated to a display of some equipment and uniforms used by teachers during their national service stint. The crowd’s favourite was the photoshoot booth where pupils were provided with the opportunities to don the uniforms and have their photos taken. Pupils were also kept engaged during recess as they participated actively in the Total Defence Day quiz managed by the school’s Parents Support Group. 

International Friendship Day

The school commemorates International Friendship Day on the 7th April 2017 Friday of Term 2 annually. In the midst of globalisation, it is essential for our pupils to know more about other countries and be aware of Singapore's relations with neighbouring countries and beyond. Pupils must also understand the geo-political realities inherent in Singapore. They should also be able to embrace others from diverse backgrounds, for example, our new citizens.

Click here for 2017 Photos.


Our International Students dressed in their costumes and led the school to sing “It’s a small world”.

Racial Harmony Day
Racial Harmony Day falls on the 21st July annually. Racial Harmony Day serves to remind us the importance of harmonious living amongst the various races in Singapore. Pupils learn to appreciate the different cultures, customs and traditions that exist in Singapore. They will also understand the importance of racial and religious harmony.


Pupils in their vibrant traditional costumes

Our pupils learning more about the traditional delicacies eaten  during the Hari Raya Puasa festival.

 National Day

The school celebrates our National Day with a National Day Ceremony which is more formal than the other commemorative events. It is a day for us to celebrate Singapore’s emergence as an independent country on 9 August 1965. Our Primary 5 pupils also attend the NE Show, which is a preview of the National Day Parade. This event further imparts the significance of National Day.


Our P5 pupils had an enjoyable time at the P5 NE Show.


Other Programmes

Field-Based Learning
Field-Based Learning enables our pupils to make meaningful connections of their learning (especially in the subject of Social Studies and National Education) with the real-world. 

Our Traditional Games!
Once a term, the pupils are encouraged to learn and play traditional kampong games such as Chaptek, Congkak and Five Stones. These traditional games allow our pupils to learn more about the games that our forefathers played in the past. It also serves a great opportunity for pupils to bond with their parents and grandparents as they share their experiences playing these games with their elders.

Parent volunteers helping to loan out traditional games during recess.