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The Tamil Language Department in Yishun Primary School, aims to anchor the Indian culture and values in our pupils and also inspire them to perform to the best of their abilities in keeping the Tamil Language alive in Singapore. 


The department will strive to encourage the use of spoken Tamil among our pupils, ensure that pupils take pride in their identity and acquire core values and skills that are necessary in developing them into Global citizens.

In line with our Mission and Vision statements, the Tamil Language Department in Yishun Primary has adopted a differentiated approach in teaching the language. The Department understands the need of implementing various programmes which will aid in the learning of the language in a fun and independent manner. The programmes also engage and motivate our pupils to speak the language confidently. 

Tamil Language Assessments

Based on the PERI recommendations, the department has embarked on various alternative assessment modes for our Tamil pupils. The variations in these assessments have paved way for our pupils to develop holistically especially in our lower primary levels.

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Department’s Displays at National Sharing Platforms

The Tamil language teachers in Yishun Primary school have been making a conscientious effort to prepare lessons and effective enrichment activities for the pupils. Therefore, they have been invited many of times to share their effective teaching strategies at National Sharing Platforms such as the Mother Tongue Language Symposium 2012 & 2013 and the Tamil Language Seminar 2013.

In addition, the Tamil Language Department was also invited to set up an exhibition booth at the 2014 MTL Symposium on the usage of the iMTL portal. The Tamil language teachers were also invited to present at the International Forum for Information Technology 2015 on their Open classroom and ICT practices.

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This year the teachers were invited to share their best practices at the International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology and the Teachers’ Conference 2016. 

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Programmes implemented from the year 2010 till 2016

Learning Journey
  • Zoo Package
  • Harvest Festival in Little India
  • Libraries
  • Tamil Murasu
  • Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre
Mother Tongue Fortnight
  • P4 Cultural Camp
  • I’m a Newscaster
  • Traditional games
  • Lower Primary Talent Quest 
  • The LEGO programme

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Extensive Reading Programme
  • Book Reviews
  • Tamil Murasu Newspapers
Remediation Programmes
  • Extensive Remedials
  • Reading Mums 
School Based Competitions
  • Drama competition
  • Singing Competition
  • Story-telling Competition
  • Oratorical Competition
  • Class Debates
  • Essay Writing Competition
Workshops for Parents
Programmes conducted by SINDA
  • Primary One / Two - Cultivating the reading Habit among children
  • Primary Three / Four - Creative Writing and Thinking
  • Primary Five / Six -  How Parents can help their children do better in studies and their behaviour
Workshops for Pupils
  • Essay writing workshop
  • Pottery workshop
  • Creative Writing workshop

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Tamil Language & ICT Innovation

The Department strongly believes that harnessing ICT effectively will enhance pupils learning experiences. Pupils have learnt to be self- directed learners and ICT infused Tamil language lessons have paved way for collaborative learning to take place in our classrooms. The ICT lessons conducted by our teachers are aligned to our TL-IT Framework. They are as follows:

Levels Programmes
Primary One and Two
  • 10T Sigaram Portal
  • Touch Typing
  • Ipod Touch
Primary Three and Four
  • Touch Typing
  • Powerpoint
  • IMTL Portal
  • 10T’ Sigaram Portal
Primary Five and Six
  • Touch Typing
  • Powerpoint
  • IMTL Portal

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No Competitions Awards/ Years Participated
1. Chinnajiru Maedai Drama Competitions
  • 1 st Runners Up – 2009
  • 1 st / Overall Champions – 2010
  • 1 st / Overall Champions – 2011
  • 1 st in Drama- 2012
  • 1 st / Overall Champions – 2013
  • 1 st /Overall Champions - 2014
  • 1st /Overall Champions – 2015
2. Kalakkal Drama Competitions
  • 1st , Best Actor, Actress & Script – 2010
  • 1st Runners Up & Best Actor -2011
  • 1st Runners Up & Best Supporting Actor -2012
  • 1st Runners Up - 2013
  • 1st Runners Up, Distinction Award & 5yrs Meritocracy Award -2014
3. Muthamizh Vizha
  • 1st Fancy Dress Competition – 2010
  • 1st Story Telling Competition -2011
  • 1st Story Telling Competition - 2012
  • 1st Oratorical Competitions – 2014
  • 3rd & Consolation Fancy Dress Competition - 2014
4. Kolam Ayer CC Tamil Language Competitions
  • Overall Champions – 2009
  • 1st Fancy Dress Competition -2010
  • 3rd Essay writing, Poster making, Story-telling & 2 nd Role Play -2012
  • 1st Story-Telling - 2013
5. Telok Blangah CC Competitions
  • Overall Champions - 2013
  • 1st Oratorical Competition -2014
  • Consolation Reading with fluency- 2014
6. Chong Pang CC Competitions
  • 1st Impromptu speech -2013
  • 1st Singing competition - 2013
  • 1st Story telling competition 2013
  • Overall Champions 2016
7. Pattukottai Kalyana Sundaram Competition
  • 2nd Singing competition - 2010
  • 1st (P4 & P2) Singing competition - 2012
  • 2nd  & 3 rd Singing competition - 2013
 8. Tamil Language National Schools Challenge 2015 organized by Youth Wing of Bishan IAEC.
  • 1st Drama Category - 2015

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