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The Tamil Language Unit strives to encourage the use of spoken Tamil amongst our pupils, ensure that they take pride in their identity and acquire core values and skills that are necessary in developing them into Global citizens.

Highlights of Some Key Programmes:

Mother Tongue Fortnight (P1-P6)
In support of MOE's efforts to promote student learning and appreciation of Mother Tongue Languages and cultures, the YPS Tamil language unit held a wide range of activities for the Primary 1 to Primary 6 levels as part of Mother Tongue Fortnight. These activities are designed to ignite student’s interests in Mother Tongue Languages through exposure to performing arts, handicrafts and games.

P1 – P2 (Exposure to our traditional art form Kolam)
TL_MTF_4.jpgP3 & 5 – Fastest Fingers First (Touch Typing Competition)
P5 – P6 (Motivational talk and public speaking workshop) 
P4 (Cultural Camp)


Thiranai Thedi - Lower Primary Talent Quest

A customized and differentiated programme for students who show strong inclination towards Tamil Language and literature. We believe that every student has a talent that needs to be nurtured, developed and sustained. Therefore, we start young to expose our pupils to this programme that gives them an opportunity to perform confidently amidst audience. 

Show & Tell Performance

Winners Fancy Dress Competition and Singing Competition

Fancy Dress Competitor

TL LEGO Programme

The Tamil language unit of Yishun Primary School aims to engage and motivate the students to speak in the language confidently and enhance their all-round communication skills. Therefore, the LEGO Programme is designed to encourage the use of Tamil language was the Building on our Knowledge.

LEGO Show & Tell Activity


Pupils’ Creations

TL_Lego_Prog_3.jpgLEGO & Places of Interests


Group work during CCE Lesson

TL Reading Programme

To promote reading, learning and literacy, the TL unit has a range of reading programmes tailored for Tamil pupils across all age groups. We have incorporated ICT in the reading programme to encourage pupils to read widely.

Experiential Reading with Augmented Reality


Reading Literacy


Infusing technology in reading
Star readers

Mother Tongue Support Programme

A customized TL Programme to support students in the learning of Mother Tongue language in Primary 3 & 4.

Fun with letters


Curated resources

TL_Support_Prog_2 .jpgAlphabet Recognition