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Malay Language


To inspire and cultivate the pupils’ passion in the learning of Malay Language.


To nurture the students into becoming refined citizens with good moral values and have a better appreciation for their language and culture.

Highlights of Some Key Programmes

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight & P4 Language & Cultural Camp
This programme is packed with language and cultural activities to increase the students' interest in the Malay language and culture.  These platforms provided the pupils with an authentic environment to appreciate the culture. This experiential learning has created a joy of learning in them.

ML_Camp_1.jpgPupils learning to tie the kain bati.ML_Camp_4.png
Pupil playing a ‘lereng’ during the P4 language camp.
Pupils making traditional paper puppets - bunga manggar.

Pupils making creative ‘Wau’ or kite.

Structured Reading Programmes

To promote reading, structured reading programmes are designed to cater to the different profiles of the students. The students enjoy a variety of exciting reading programmes that cater to their reading abilities and interests.

Intensive Reading Programme

Intensive Reading Programme primarily aims to develop and enhance pupils’ ability to examine, understand and interpret what is read correctly. It usually requires the guidance of a teacher as it starts with guided reading. Students will then progress to read in accordance of their reading ability.

Extensive Reading Programme (ERP)

The Extensive Reading Programme aims to foster pupils’ interest in reading, stimulates pupils' opinions by observing the material they have read and expanding their vocabulary. The reading activity can take place inside or outside the classroom and during or outside of school hours.

Collaboration with NLB (READ@School)

ML Unit collaborate with NLB on the reading programmes – READ @School. Various activities are conducted for different levels such as book talk and story-telling session based on the books found at the library. 

Book talk by an officer from the National Library (NLB)

Pupils using a reading booklet for intensive reading. 
READ@school programme by National Library Board (NLB)
Using e-books to expose students to Malay folklore/stories with moral values

Creative Writing, Comprehension and Oral Workshop

To help students develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions, ML teachers conduct various workshops on Oral, writing skills and comprehension strategies. Students are received a booklet to guide them on the respective components.

ML_Workshop_1.jpgComprehension workshop on use of strategies to answer the questions
Oral workshop to enhance the pupils' oral skills

Talent Development Programme

The Talent Development Programme is a platform for the students to display their talent. Every level has different competitions for the students to display their strength and potential. The pupils have gained confidence in using the language. They are also given the opportunity to participate at external competitions. 

A pupil reciting the Pantun.
An engaging storytelling from a participant
Pupils acting the story ‘Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup’

Pupils showcasing their talent in a drama competition.

Learning Journeys (Experiential Learning) 

In alignment to MOE’s policy to make the MTL “living” languages, our ML Unit conducts learning journeys to provide real-world context for classroom learning. Students are provided with an authentic platform to enhance their language use. The visit to Fort Canning Park, Malay Heritage Centre and Lower Seletar Reservoir have increased the students' understanding of the different aspects of their language, history and culture.

Learning Journey to Fort Canning Park

Students learn about the various herbs and spices found at Fort Canning Park. They take a walk and closer look and explore the Spice Garden, discover and understand the world around them in an uninhibited way. 

Learning Journey to Malay Heritage Centre

The Malay Heritage Centre provides wonderful cultural exposure and learning opportunities for the students. They are exposed to various artifacts that depicts Malay Language culture. Students also learn about the history of various historical places in Singapore such as Kampong Glam. They also witnessed antique musical instruments as well as watched old Malay Language films dated from the Malay sultanate.  

Water Learning Programme (LJ to Lower Seletar Reservoir)

This programme provides the students with an authentic learning experience. During the Learning Journey (LJ) to the Lower Seletar Reservoir, the students have the opportunity to apply vocabulary taught in class and practice their language skills. 

They also learn about the importance of Singapore’s water catchment areas. This programme is facilitated by students from Northbrooks Secondary School.


Pupils learning about the Malay herbs and spices at the Spice Garden. 

Learning Journey to Malay Heritage Centre
 They making salad using the plants they have gathered.

ML_LJ_3.jpgPrimary 5 learning journey to Taman Warisan Melayu. 
Pupils listening attentively to the instruction from students leaders from Northbrooks Secondary School  during the Water Learning Programme.


The pupils engaging in the use of mobile technology iPad to solve the interactive quiz at Lower Seletar Reservoir.