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Malay Language


To inspire and cultivate the pupils’ passion in the learning of Malay Language.


To nurture the students into becoming refined citizens with good moral values and have a better appreciation for their language and culture.

Key Programmes

Bacalah Sayang  Reading Programme
To assist P1 and P2 pupils who have reading difficulties.

Extensive Reading Programme (E.R.P) 
Aim to increase a more positive attitude towards reading. To help pupils become independent readers and effective language users. To cultivate a reading culture among pupils.



Read@school programme in collaboration with National Library Board 

Speech and Drama Workshop 

To build pupils’ confidence through communication and oratorical skills. Through drama, pupils learn other skills such as team building, discipline and creativity.


Oral Skills Workshop 


Primary 6 pupils listening attentively during the Oral Skills Workshop 


Primary 1 pupils practising their spoken interaction skills through role play.

Malay Language & Cultural Camp
To make learning of the Malay Language and culture fun and interesting for the pupils so that they will know their culture and learn to appreciate it. 
ML 6.jpg



Learning  journey to Taman Warisan – Malay Heritage Centre at Kampong Glam

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight     
This is an annual activity aimed at fostering harmony, creating better understanding of the culture, customs of the different ethnic groups.  Various activities are conducted for every level. These activities allow the pupils to have fun while learning the languages.  They also provide an opportunity for the department to work as a team cohesively.   

Pupils learning batik painting

Pupils learning Dikir Barat

Pupils playing Sahibba to form various words to increase their vocabulary

P4 Cultural Camp

Pupils learning to make Bunga Rampai (an assortment of  flowers). This berkat is actually given out to people who attended the majlis pernikahan (solemnization ceremony) as a token of gratitude during Malay wedding.






Pupils learning to make the Sirih Junjung which is one of the many symbols of the custom and tradition of Malay wedding. It is the main item for Wedding Hantaran.

ICT lesson in the classroom and computer lab
During these ICT lessons, pupils access popular Malay educational websites like Nadi (MOE), Mekar On-line, and other recommended informative websites when doing their projects. The pupils also use the 10M Aksara Portal and iMTL Portal.

Pupils using the mobile cart to do research on topics given by their teacher.

P3 pupils using the 10M Aksara portal in the computer lab.

ICT Programme
P1 and P2 – Touch Typing
  • Basic Microsoft word  operation

P3 and P4 – Basic Microsoft Powerpoint operation
  • Online language practices

P5 and P6 – Use of mobile cart 
  • Online research-based classroom projects