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Chinese Language


A learning community to inspire and develop our pupils to communicate in Chinese Language effectively and confidently


The Chinese Language Unit aims to use differential approach for our pupils to be engaged and motivated.


Every child “Matters”

     – every child can learn and achieve

     – every child has intrinsic worth

 Every Mother Tongue Language teacher “Matters”

     – success for every child

     – needs to understand every child

Highlights of Some Key Programmes: 

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight Programme - Festival Celebration

The Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight Programme aims to provide opportunities for our pupils to learn MTL and understand their own culture through active participation. MTL department plans a series of different ethnic activities during festive period to ignite the joying of learning MTL.

The first highlight of the year is our School Chinese New Year Celebration. All pupils are provided with authentic cultural appreciation experience with exciting hall performances and subsequent class activities on the eve of Chinese New Year. 

Everyone has a joyous time enjoying the show and the hands-on activities as they learn the traditions and customs of the festival. 

P1 –  Making of decorative Mandarin oranges and colouring one set of Spring Festival Couplet

P2 – Making of CNY Greeting Card

P3 – Making of Origami Mouse Corner Bookmark

P4 – Making of Origami 3D Mouse

P5 & P6 – Chinese Calligraphy “Hui Chun”

The celebration continues with cultural activities during Mother Tongue lessons after the pupils return from the CNY public holidays.

P1 –  Clay Modelling

P2 –  Paper Puppet

P3 –  Finger Painting

P4 –  Chinese Opera Mask Painting

P5 –  Fortune Doll Painting

P6 –  Chinese Painting

Festive Cheers by the whole school
“Wild Geese heading south” by Chinese Dancers
Wu shu performance by one of our talented teachers and lower primary pupils 
Hui Chun - Chinese Calligraphy
CNY Fortnight_Puppet.jpeg
Paper Puppets - 12 Chinese Zodiac signs  
Chinese Cultural Activity – Finger Painting


3S Programme (STAR, SHINE, SHARE)

3S programme is the signature programme of the Chinese Language unit.

In the STAR programme, our MTL teachers provide support to build good reading culture in the school. They have designed a “Solar Rewarding System” to record every pupil’s reading progress and give affirmation to the active readers during Celebrate Success session at the school level.

Our MTL teachers have also designed a reading package for different levels which emphasizes on our school /CCE values. Every level starts with a guided reading session and follow by the class activities of the same theme for every level.

Name of Storybooks

School /CCE Values

Primary 1

《鳄鱼怕怕 牙医怕怕》


Primary 2



Primary 3



Primary 4



Primary 5


Integrity, Responsibility

Primary 6


Sincerity/ Respect

In the SHINE programme, our MTL teachers conduct inter-class activities to identify talented pupils and to mentor them to participate at the national events.

In the SHARE programme, we encourage our pupils to write. We share our good stories written by our pupils by publishing our very own Chinese Essay Book named “绽放” and Chinese Newsletter.

Solar Rewarding System
Morning E-book Reading Session
CL_Reading_3.jpegGuided Reading SessionCL_Level_Activity.jpeg
Level Activity – Poem Recital Competition

CL_Singing_Competition 2.jpeg
Level Activity – P6 Singing competition
Chinese Essay Publication

Cultural Performance Exposure Programme
Chinese Language Unit has been participating in the Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES),    (文化随意门) - an initiative by the Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning (CPCLL). It aims to expose our pupils to Chinese language-related cultural performances by local and foreign performing arts groups, through providing schools with the necessary funding and support. The scheme hopes to allow pupils to enjoy Chinese culture in a relaxed manner.

Primary 5 pupils watching a Chinese Cross Talk at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.

Water Learning Programme at Seletar Reservoir

CL unit has been collaboration with cluster schools on this Water Learning Programme to provide our pupils an opportunity to understand the importance of water to Singapore and our reservoirs.    

The objective of this programme is to boost the confidence level of our pupils in speaking Chinese Language through authentic learning experience at the various learning stations set up by the secondary schools who organised this event.