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Chinese Language


A learning community to inspire and cultivate our pupils to communicate in Chinese Language effectively and confidently


The Chinese Language department aims to use differential approach for our pupils to engage and motivate them

The Modular Approach  

There are different Chinese Language modules catered for our P1-P4 pupils (such as Bridging, Core and Enrichment). The modules are assigned based on their results, home language background and teachers' evaluation of pupils' language competency through interactions and observations. We are also introducing flexible assessment modes to evaluate pupils’ learning through class activities. 

Summary of Different Modules (P1-P4) 




  • Oral-aural activities 

  • Vocabulary of Core modules
  •   Main Passage

  •   Complementary reading

  •   Character recognition

  •   Language activities

  •   Oral-aural activities
  • Extended reading

Signature Programme - Reader Star Programme

In promoting a fun reading culture in the school the fun way, YPS Chinese Language teachers put on their storyteller's hat and engage pupils in interesting story-telling. Pupils immerse themselves in the plot and characters through creatively-designed worksheets. 

Chinese Reader Star Programme 2016
P1《鳄鱼怕怕 牙医怕怕》
CRSP 1.jpg
CRSP 2.jpg
CRSP 3.jpg
CRSP 5.jpg
CRSP 5.jpg
CRSP 6.jpg

Key Programmes

Chinese New Year Celebration 2017

Yishun Primary pupils were engaged in numerous activities during the school's Chinese New Year celebrations on 27 January 2017. Some interesting activities were making Mandarin oranges, Paper Roosters and Chinese Calligraphy.  Such hands-on activities, conducted by our own teachers as part of the Mother Tongue Fortnight initiative, served to develop pupils’ understanding and raise their awareness of the traditional customs and cultural values associated with Chinese New Year.  

The Lion Dance Performance is one of the segments in our yearly CNY concert which the pupils always look forward to. The sight of the lions displaying their acrobatic moves with the energetic rhythms of the drums has certainly excited the audiences. 

Similar to past year celebrations, our CNY concert ended on a high note with a mass sing-along segment where the whole school sang a medley of CNY songs.

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Chinese New Year Celebration 2016

CL 1.jpgCL2.jpg
Making Mandarin oranges, Chinese New Year greeting cards, chenille stems flowers and introduction to Chinese Calligraphy - these were just some of the exciting activities Yishun Primary pupils were engaged in during the school's Chinese New Year celebration on 5 February.  Such hands-on activities, conducted as part of the Mother Tongue Fortnight initiative, served to develop pupils’ understanding and raise their awareness of the traditional customs and cultural values associated with Chinese New Year. 


YPS believes in building sustainable quality partnerships with the community. The Chinese New Year celebration in 2017 was a special one as elderly residents from the All Saints Home, one of the school’s community partners, joined the staff and pupils in the celebration. The invite was Yishun Primary's small gesture to thank the pioneer generation who had contributed tremendously towards our nation-building.

Pupils, staff and the residents from All Saints Home were treated to dance performances, a skit and sing-a-long session. The highlight of the celebration was the lion dance performance which awed the crowd.



Mother Tongue Fortnight Enrichment Programme 2017

Our school carried out the Mother Tongue Fortnight Programmes in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration from 27 January to 3 February this year. The objectives of Mother Tongue Fortnight Programmes are:- 

(1) To create an immersive environment for the learning and appreciation of MTL
(2) To provide platforms for pupils to actively learn MTL and the associated culture
(3) To provide authentic opportunities for pupils to use MTL and experience the culture

Chinese Language committee organized a series of cultural enrichment programmes for every level to promote the love for Chinese language and culture. The programmes are as followed.

LevelMTL Fortnight Programmes (CL)
Primary 1Clay Modelling followed by show and tell*
Primary 2Paper Puppet followed by show and tell
 Primary 3   Making of Chinese knot Making of CNY lantern from Red packets *
 Primary 4   Chinese Idioms Making of Opera Masks *
 Primary 5   Paper Cutting Creative writing*
 Primary 6   Chinese Idioms (with comic design) Creative writing 

* Guided Reading Session conducted for every level with different theme by our own CL teachers.

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Mother Tongue Fortnight Enrichment Programme 2016

The programme aims to provide pupils with the opportunities to learn the Chinese Language in a unique and fun way. Through engaging pupils in such activities, conducted in conjunction with the Chinese New Year Celebration 2016, the programme provides further impetus for pupils to show more appreciation of the Chinese Language and use the language in their everyday lives.

 Primary 1

 Clay Modelling & Show & Tell 
MTFN2016.jpgMTFN2016 2.jpg

 Primary 2

 Making of Paper Puppet & Show & Tell
MTFN2016 3.jpg

 Primary 3  Making of Chinese Knot
MTFN2016 4.jpg

Making of Chinese Lantern from Red Packets
MTFN2016 5.jpg

 Primary 4 Cultural Activity - Chinese Idioms
MTFN2016 6.jpg

Cultural Activity - Making of Chinese Opera Masks
MTFN2016 7.jpg

 Primary 5 Paper Cutting
MTFN2016 8.jpgMTFN2016 9.jpg

Creative Writing
MTFN2016 10.jpg

 Primary 6 Chinese Idioms
MTFN2016 11.jpgMTFN2016 12.jpg

10’C Project – An ICT-

Lower Seletar Reservoir Water Learning Programme

Our school Chinese Language (CL) committee collaborated with Northbrooks Secondary School on the Lower Seletar Reservoir Water Learning Programme on 2nd March 2017. The objective of this learning programme is to provide an opportunity for our pupils to understand the importance of water to Singapore and our reservoirs, enhance pupils’ interest in learning Chinese Language and to provide opportunities for pupils to be self-directed learners.

CL Committee has integrated this learning journey as part of the enrichment programme for pupils who are taking Higher Chinese module at primary five and six levels. A total of 30 HCL pupils from our school participated in this joyful outdoor learning experience conducted by secondary one student guides in Chinese Language.

Our pupils went through 6 learning stations in groups and they were able to develop their communication skills in group work as well as to gain general knowledge on water conservation in Singapore context. All our pupils were awarded with prizes for their effort to complete all the tasks and sportsmanship was strongly encouraged during this programme.

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Everyone is a STAR – Smart Thinker, Active Reader

To foster a good reading habit in our pupils, Mother Tongue Language department has refined and renamed its signature reading pogramme as “Everyone is a STAR – Smart Thinker, Active Reader”. 

This reading programme is designed to look into the three curriculum aspects - content, pedagogy and assessment. This programme is focusing on building pupils’ literacy content knowledge through innovative pedagogical approach which incorporates ICT tools and various engaging activities. The activities include guided reading session for lower primary pupils, building up personal book reading record, good book review session in class, storytelling competition and systematic rewarding system through accumulation of points collected by every pupil. 

All reading activities were planned and implemented based on the principle of motivation to encourage pupils to read more extensively and frequently with moderate reading challenge and authentic reading task which are supported by ICT tools, i.e. iPad. 

The joy of reading contributes to pupils’ pleasant learning experience and encourage them to be confident speakers in public sharing session, i.e. storytelling competition and good books sharing sessions. Points rewarding system serves as a positive reinforcement in the programme provides explicit feedback to pupils for self-assessment.  

At the end of year, the most active reader from every level will be recognized and rewarded publicly as the “Super STAR – Smart Thinker and Active Reader” at the school celebrate success session. Mother Tongue Language department aims to nurture critical thinker through this comprehensive reading programme which can maximize the full potential in our pupils.

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Based Teaching and Learning Portal and Resources

This is our second year that the Chinese Language department collaborated with the Educational Technology Division (ETD) on the 10'C project. This is an ICT-Based, interactive platform for teachers to teach efficiently and pupils to learn independently.  We have selected the one primary two class and two primary three classes to participate in this project this year.

Our pupils can use the free 10C portal to access extended reading materials and create different pieces of writing, all of which are specially designed to reinforce the respective lesson objectives stated in the syllabus. The use of computer-assisted writing enables pupils to leverage their knowledge of Hanyu Pinyin to express themselves. This is especially helpful to pupils who are not able to write Chinese text on their own yet, especially those at the lower primary level. Therefore, this programme is in line with MOE's "Teach Less, Learn More" initiative where much of the learning takes place collaboratively and intuitively, and is carried out according to the pace at which the pupil learns. In addition, the focus of the project is aligned to the primary Chinese Language syllabus (2007) guidelines that emphasize authentic language use, and independent and differentiated learning.  

 The stellar features of the 10'C platform include: 
  • A rich repository of multimedia reading resources 
  • Customisable individual home pages and blogs for teachers and pupils in the programme 
  • A "billboard" for students to showcase their works  
  • Functions such as editing, posting comments and rating for peer evaluation 

10C 1.jpg10C 2.jpg10C 3.jpg

10C 4.jpg

Pupils enjoy 10'C lessons because they can listen, speak, read and write at the pace they like. On top of that, they get immediate responses from their peers when they submit their work online. They are always eager to read positive comments from their peers.   

2016 Achievement

NoCompetition NameAwardsPhoto
1National Calligraphy Competition at Fo Guang Shan
Merit Awards
1.Song Jiayin (P6 Respect)
2.Xu Ziran (P5 Intergrity)
3.He Yuxuan (P4 Intergrity)
4.Dai Jia Chen (P3 Sincerity)
Cultural Awards (for non-Chinese)
1.Ngwe Zin Thein (P6 Nation Loving)
2.Cahilig Jon Cedric Dallo (P3 Nation Loving)

National Calligraphy Competition.jpg