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Nurturing resilient and confident problem solvers.


Providing an engaging learning environment to develop creative and critical Mathematical thinkers. 


  • Equip pupils with the necessary Mathematical knowledge and thinking skills
  • Enable pupils to apply them in Mathematical situations
  • Develop pupils' interest in Mathematics through various activities organized by the Mathematics Department

Key Mathematics Programmes

4Cs @YPS
4Cs @YPS is the signature programme for Mathematics in Yishun Primary School. It involves the solving of Mathematical problems using the 4- step approach (adapted from George Polya’s Approach to Problem Solving)

Step 1: Comprehend the problem
  • What are the key words?
  • What is the question about?
  • How would you describe the problem in your own words?

Step 2: Choose the right strategy
  • What are the data given?
  • What are the missing data?
  • How to use the given data to find the missing data?
  • Which strategy to use? Why?

Step 3: Carry it Out
  • Use computation skills (4 operations)
  • Use mathematical tools
  • Use thinking skills
  • Apply mathematical formulae

Step 4: Check the Solution
  • Read the question again carefully
  • Check that the answer is logical and accurate by estimating, substituting or working backwards 

In short, the 4-steps for problem-solving (4Cs)  is
  • Comprehend
  • Choose the right strategy
  • Carry it Out
  • Check the solution

PaT Programme (Parallel Teaching Programme)
This programme is conducted for pupils who did not do well for Mathematics in the previous year. Pupils are taught in small groups to provide them with more individual attention. 

Primary Three Math & Science Trail 
In the effort of making the learning of Mathematics more engaging and exciting, an ICT-infused Math & Science Trail will be conducted for all Primary 3 pupils. During this interdisciplinary trail, pupils will be given the opportunity to apply Mathematics concepts to solve problems outside the classroom hence giving them an opportunity to relate knowledge to reality. The trail will also help build pupils' social skills and provide an environment for team-building. 

Mathematics Games @ Recess
Mathematics games are made available for pupils to play during recess. It is an opportunity for pupils to apply their problem solving skills through the playing of the games. 

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