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Resilient Learners, Confident Problem Solvers


Providing an authentic and engaging learning environment to develop reflective and critical Mathematical thinkers. 

Key Mathematics Programmes

Math Carnival

Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils have an exciting and authentic learning experience through the Mathematics Carnival. They are engaged in the learning of Mathematics through a myriad of hands-on activities and real-life problem-solving scenarios.

Complementing the content of Mathematics taught in the classroom, the activities have enabled pupils to develop an appreciation for Mathematics beyond the classroom and textbooks and have joy for learning of Mathematics. They apply various thinking skills and heuristics to solve non-routine Mathematics problems. They also use concrete objects and pictorial representations to illustrate Mathematical concepts. 

Besides the physical learning environment, the learning was brought online too. Math Carnival 2020 was carried out in the virtual world aka Student Learning Space (SLS). Pupils were able to learn joyfully in the comfort of their own home.

Math_Carnival_1.jpgMath 2.jpg
Using Math manipulativesPupils working collaboratively

Math & Science Trail

In the effort of making the learning of Mathematics more engaging and exciting, an ICT-infused Math & Science Trail is conducted for all Primary 3 pupils. During this interdisciplinary trail, pupils are given the opportunity to apply Mathematics concepts to solve problems outside the classroom. Hence, this learning experience gives them an opportunity to relate knowledge to reality. The trail also helps to build the pupils' social skills and promote team-building. 

Math Games

Play itself represents important and meaningful activity. Discovery encourages pupils to draw on their own experiences and knowledge, use their creativity and imagination to learn new information. To foster interest and develop positive attitude towards learning of Mathematics, the Math department integrated Math games into the curriculum. To spark joy of learning for the lower primary pupils, they have the opportunities to play in small groups, taking charge of their own learning. 



Math Enrichment Programme

The Math Enrichment Programme aims to stimulate pupils’ interest and enthusiasm for problem-solving. It is to develop higher order thinking skills, logical thinking and reasoning through the use of different strategies to solve Math problems.