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Innovation and Enterprise 


Vision: An innovative culture that fosters a strong entrepreneurial spirit and promotes joy of learning. 

Mission: Developing Yishun Primary pupils to be 3Cs - Critical Thinkers, Confident Communicators and Caring Citizens.


Leveraging Project Work to equip pupils with 21st Century Competencies (21CC)

Project Work (PW) is a platform to integrate our Applied Learning Programme (on Environmental Science) and Values-in-Action Programme to equip our pupils with the 21st Century Competencies. The pedagogical approach is to align Design Thinking strategy with the standards of the Critical and Inventive Thinking skills using our Competency Rubric. There is a comprehensive progressive learning package - from self, to family, to school and the community.


self pupil.jpg
Our pupils learn vital skills and values such as teamwork, resilience, critical thinking and problem-solving skills when they embark on their progressive PW learning package.


The P2 PW is on creative toys-making. The P2 pupils and their parents made the toys (using recyclable materials) during the March holidays. This PW is aligned to Sony Creative Toys Making Competition. One key objective of this PW is to strengthen parent-child bonding. This year, the pupils use the toys they created for the Show-and-Tell presentation which is part of their PERI Holistic Assessment.

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The P3 PW is on Soil Farming. P3 pupils carry out investigative tasks to learn the  conditions for flowering plants to grow healthily. 
P4 PW.jpg
The P4 PW is aligned to our Science Signature Programme - Hydroponics. The pupils also designed their very own hydroponics/ self-watering systems for the PW. They beautify their classrooms and the school environment with their planters.

The P5 PW is on creation of green school models. Pupils learn about different forms of renewable energy and ways to conserve energy. They apply the concepts they have learned in the design of their green school models.
Showcasing of P4 and P5 PW at the Science Laboratory

Showcasing of P4 and P5 PW at the Youth for Environment Booth



The P6 pupils embark on a PW on Seashore Life Programme that reaches out to the community. They create innovative models using 3D printing pens to show their commitment and care for the seashore community.

Primary 3 Math & Science Trail 

Equipped with smart devices, Primary 3 pupils learn and apply Mathematical and Science concepts at different trail stations within the school compound. This trail promotes teamwork and collaborative learning.
Primary 3 pupils working on different Math and Science tasks at various stations. 

Integration with Art

The I&E and Art Units collaborated and designed the Primary 2 Mobile Art Programme. This 7-week innovation adopts the use of technology in learning the various elements of Art. The Primary 2 pupils take images illustrating the elements using the mobile devices. They upload and share the images onto the class digital (Padlet) walls to generate constructive peer feedback and discussion. 
p2 art.jpg
Primary 2 pupils capturing images (depicting the specific element) using mobile devices.