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Empathetic and effective communicators of the English Language.


To foster an enriching and nurturing environment for pupils to be active contributors, discerning readers and proficient users of the English Language.


Yishun Primary School’s English Department believes in providing a holistic curriculum that comprises breadth, depth and length. 

Breadth: A holistic education that develops each student’s potential. 
Depth: A values-driven education that encapsulates the Singaporean identity. 
Length: A continual education that prepares students for the future. 

Key Programmes:

The STELLAR 2.0 Programme acts as the core English curriculum for all primary levels in the school. It is an instructional programme specifically designed to help students acquire English Language skills through a range of learning opportunities.

Amongst the many pedagogical strategies incorporated into the STELLAR curriculum are the Shared Book Approach (SBA), the Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) and Learning Centres (LC). Using a rich variety of print and non-print resources, authentic contexts are provided to the students thus aiding the development of media and visual literacy skills. 


English Language Festival Week

The English Language Festival is an annual event held and organised by the English Language Department to promote the effective use of the language and the love for reading. Students are engaged in recess activities which promote the love for reading. students also have the opportunity to participate in Poetry Recitation, Story-Telling and Readers’ Theatre during the level activities. 



Reading Bugs expose students to a variety of lively and engaging reading activities with the primary objective of instilling a passion for books from a young age, the English Language Department plans a range of activities for the whole school. Some of these include:    

  • Book Buzz sessions by NLB
  • Reading Bugs @ YPS
  • Book Review @ YPS
  • Top Borrower Awards 

The school library welcomes all students, and one library period have been scheduled fortnightly during English lessons for students to browse and borrow books. 

Mastering English @ YPS

To instill the joy of learning in our students, the department is constantly tapping on the spirit of inquiry and innovation amongst the teachers to bring about customised teaching approaches to cater to specific learning needs of our students. These programmes aim to support the students in acquiring and mastering language



We Can Read Phonics Programme


Mastering Oral


Mastering Grammar


Mastering Comprehension


 Mastering PunctuationP1-P6 

Mastering Writing (Traits Writing)


EL Bloom Programmes

Recognising the talents of our students, the EL Bloom programmes stretch the potential of students who display the flair for the language. students also represent the school in various national competitions where their language skills are put to the test. 

We are proud to share that our P3 students have clinched the Silver award for the 2022 Singapore Moo-O Awards!

EL Bridge Programmes

To ensure that students are well supported in their learning of language skills, the EL Bridge programmes provide extensive support to students who require more support in the acquisition of language skills. 



Learning Support Programme (LSP)


Reading Remediated Programme (RRP)


School Dyslexia Remediation Programme  (SDR)