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Guiding Principle

To nurture a love for the English Language and equip pupils to become effective and confident communicators for the 21 st century.


Yishun Primary School’s English Department aims to provide a holistic curriculum that comprises of breadth, depth and length. 

Breadth: A holistic education that develops each pupil’s potential. 
Depth: A values-driven education that encapsulates the Singaporean identity. 
Length: A continual education that prepares pupils for the future. 

Our Curriculum and Programmes

The STELLAR Programme acts as the core English curriculum for all primary levels in the school. It is an instructional programme specifically designed to help pupils acquire English Language skills through a range of learning opportunities.

Amongst the many pedagogical strategies incorporated into the STELLAR curriculum are the Shared Book Approach (SBA), the Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) and Learning Centres (LC). Using a rich variety of print and non-print resources, authentic contexts are provided to the pupils thus aiding the development of media and visual literacy skills. 


STELLAR P3P6.jpg.png

Lesson activities in the STELLAR classrooms

                 Role-playing and dramatisation                                                       Group and Pair Writing
                               Pupils listening to audio recordings at different Learning Centres in the classroom                       

Key Programmes

The department is committed in ensuring that pupils experience diverse programmes which cater to their specific needs as they undergo their primary school years. 



Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading (USSR)


Read @ School


English Language Festival


Traits Writing

Primary 3 - 6

Learning Journeys

Selected levels

Reading Aim-To-Master Programme (Reading ATM)

Primary 1

We Can Read Programmer (Phonics)

Primary 1

Programme for Active Learning (PAL) – Drama

Primary 1

Learning Support Programme (LSP)

Primary 1 & 2

Reading Remediation Programme (RRP)

Primary 3 & 4

School Dyslexia Remediation Programme (SDR)

Primary 3 & 4

Extensive Reading Programme

Primary 1, 2 & 4

Supplementary / Remedial Lessons / Enrichment Programmes

All Primary 1– 6

Oral Aim-To-Master Programme (Oral ATM)

Primary 6

Mastering Oral - ‘Think-Talk-Write-Practise’ Oral Programme

Primary 2-5

Mastering Grammar

Primary 1-5

 Mastering ComprehensionPrimary 1-5 

Read @ School

In collaboration with the National Library Board (NLB), the English Department has embarked on this programme to expose pupils to a variety of lively and engaging reading activities with the primary objective of instilling a passion for books from a young age. A range of activities are selected for each level and conducted at least once a month. Some of these include: 

Books 2 Go
Read, Swap, Share
Reading Interest Profile
Read, Reap, Write
Books ‘R’ Us
Book Buzz
What a Wonderful Read
Reading Workshops for Parents
Librarians’ Challenge
Pupils discussing the books they read with one another in the activity ‘Books R Us’P5 and P6 pupils listening to a talk about Reading Interest Profiles.
 Read, Reap and Write where pupils explore how stories relate to the world around them.Training session for the School Reading Ambassadors.  
Pupils experiencing the Read, Swap, Share activity.

English Language Festival

The English Language Festival is an annual event held and organised by the English Language Department to promote the effective use of the language and the love for reading. In previous years, pupils have had the opportunity to participate in Poetry Recitation, Story-Telling, Readers’ Theatre, Character Walkabout and Book Reviews. 
Character Walkabout Readers’ Theatre

Traits Wring 

Traits Writing is a writing programme that adopts an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating the use of ICT as a medium to engage and stretch pupils' writing skills. This programme aims to maximize pupils' potential in using the English Language, namely in writing skills, in order to communicate effectively. Pupils learn beyond what the ordinary classroom entails through creating various IT-based products such as Digital Storyboarding, E-Porffolios and Podcasts.

Using iPads to teach Sentence Fluency for Traits Writing 

English Language Competitions

Every year, the department participates in two major national competitions:
  • National Stamp Collection Competition
  • National Spelling Competition

Learning Support Programme

This is a Ministry of Education specialized early intervention programme for Primary 1 and 2.
Our school’s Learning Support Programme (LSP) caters to P1 and P2 pupils who are weak in language and literacy skills.

To equip pupils with basic reading and spelling skills.


Extensive Reading Programme (ERP) (Primary 1 and 2):
The aim of the Extensive Reading Programme is to provide Learning Support pupils with the opportunity to read extensively and promote the joy of reading. The Extensive Reading Programme provides the pupils with:
1. opportunities to watch effective readers in action
2. multiple practice in reading
3. communication skills

Primary 4 pupil volunteers buddy up with Primary 1 & 2 pupils to aid them in their reading 3 times a week

P1 Reading Aim-To-Master Programme:

The aim of the Reading Aim-To-Master Programme is to provide P1 pupils who need support in reading the opportunity to pick up reading skills. This is done through the use of iPad applications and E-books with the guidance of the school’s parent volunteers, The P1 Reading ATM enables pupils to:
1. improve word recognition abilities 
2. read fluently 
3. be exposed to a variety of stories 

The Parent Volunteers guide pupils to use the iPad applications

Assessments for Learning Difficulties:

Pupils who are suspected of having learning difficulties are referred to MOE Psychologists and external agencies for assessments for a diagnosis. Pupils who are diagnosed as having specific learning difficulties are recommended to specialists for an early intervention. This year Yishun Primary School has started two other programmes to help middle primary pupils who require more assistance despite intervention in the lower primary levels:
  • School-based Dyslexia Programme
  • Reading Remediation Programme 

Assessment Modes

The English Examination is conducted in three forms: oral, listening and written. Monthly tests are conducted from Primary 1 to 6. The monthly tests are used to monitor the process of learning language as part of formative assessment. The semestral assessment will serve as a summative evaluation. Pupils from Primary 3 to 6 will sit for two Semestral Assessments. 

Starting from 2012, the Primary 1 - Primary 6 pupils have undergone formative testing through the PERI Holistic Assessment Framework. In this framework, pupils have a range of tests such as poetry recitation, show and tell, reading aloud, oraltorical presentation, reader’s theatre and more. 

National Stamp Collecting Competition 2018

Yishun Primary School participated in the National Stamp Collecting Competition 2018 organised by Singapore Philatelic Museum. The annual competition seeks to promote the study of postage stamps and philatelic materials to learn about the world. Participants selected and researched on a topic of their choice, and presented their findings through the English Language and a variety of philatelic materials. The competition enabled participants to sharpen their research and organisation skills as well as their language and writing skills. We submitted 4 exhibits with the following results:

Exhibit Title




The Singapore Culture



Alesha Sofea Binte Ahmad

4 Integrity


Shreya Madaan


Shashank A Rao


Ningthoujam Purnima Devi

Discovering Reptiles and Amphibians



Glenna Chloe Ng

4 Nation-loving


Lim Jun Wei, Jerome


Ong Peiyi, Isabelle


Roshini Alfred

Uniquely Singapore!



Ishita Gautam

5 Integrity


Kwok Jia Yi Joey


Lim Rui En


Ng Xin Ying Fallon

Singapore's Evolving Urbanscape



Alexis Chaw Yan Ting

5 Nation-loving


Chua Ling Jing


Muhamad Afiq Harraz Bin Mahammed Zakaria


Goh Jun Leong

                    Our submitted exhibits

EL DEPT 2.jpg

Our principal, Mrs Yee, posing with the winners of the competition.