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Our Discipline Philosophy

Discipline with Care

Yishun Primary School is committed to establish a caring and enabling learning environment for all students. The school adopts a proactive and educative approach to develop self-discipline and good character in our students.

The school envisions every student to be a peer supporter, where students form a strong network of support in their classes, CCAs or other peer groups. Through the CCE 2021 Curriculum, students are equipped to appreciate diversity, show empathy and care for one another and seek guidance from a trusted adult when necessary. They acquire the relevant knowledge and skills through explicit teaching during CCE lessons, key Student Development Experiences (SDEs) and other school-based initiatives.


Leading Peers to Leading Leaders

The school anchors on the 5 practices of exemplary leadership by Kouzes & Postner. It has many platforms for leadership development beyond the classrooms. Besides the Peer Support Leaders, Cyber-Wellness Ambassadors, CCA leaders and Bus Safety Leaders, the school has a prefectorial board which comprises of more than 170 prefects from primary three to primary six. The Prefects strive to lead by example and be positive role models for their peers. They undergo scenario-based training to ensure the safety and discipline of the students. The Prefects also serve and lead the student body in various school activities and events. They lead in pledge taking and perform duties to ensure the well-being of their peers.
Leaders who demonstrated more leadership qualities are further developed to the next tier of leadership - Leading Leaders. Several senior prefects in the Leading Leaders served as the Executive Committee (EXCO) members in the prefectorial board. This team gathers suggestions from the student population, via the students suggestion platform, to initiate projects or plan activities for their peers. 

Projects by Leading Leaders

Project Carella - An Initiative By the Students, For the Students

Carella is an initiative proposed by a group of senior prefects to promote the culture of care in our school. They have observed that many students do not bring umbrellas to school. With Singapore regularly experiencing heavy rainfalls, the wet weather during dismissal time causes inconvenience for students returning home.

The Carella project provides umbrellas for loan in the event of inclement weather to keep our students safe and dry on their journey home. Besides exemplifying the value of care, the project also seeks to inculcate the importance of responsibility. Students are required to return the loaned umbrellas after use. Prefects are tasked to loan out the umbrellas to ensure orderliness. They also communicate the importance of responsibility and respect for the school property.


The Study Room - A home away from home

The Leading Leaders team initiated a project to provide at-risk students to have a safe and conducive place to study after school. Prefects from the EXCO team carried out peer teaching in Mathematics to support this group of students. With the support from the Parent Support Group, The Study Room was launched in 2022.