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Our Discipline Philosophy

Yishun Primary School believes that a school environment with order and discipline, along with care, encouragement and space to learn from mistakes and improve, is necessary for quality learning to take place. With a whole-school, multi-faceted approach, the school is committed to creating a caring and supportive community which through positive peer influence, fair disciplinary measures to enforce a learning process that help pupils develop self-discipline and good character.



Highlights of some key programmes:

Leaders of leaders - Prefects' Investiture

Yishun Primary School’s prefects’ programme aims to nurture pupils and develop them into caring leaders with strong leadership traits. With the use of scenario-based training and Student Learning Space lessons, pupils are provided with the opportunity to experience handling different situations while collaborating with fellow prefects to learn from each other. Prefects will also be trained to support various school activities such as P1 Orientation, flag raising ceremony and recess discipline.


 Prefects Investiture Pupils taking the prefects’ pledge.

Recess Structured Play

Studies also have shown that the free-play that comes during recess is crucial to a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development. Since March 2019, pupils in Yishun Primary School began to enjoy a different experience during recess in the form of structured play. Various play equipment was provided for the pupils to use at the parade squares which has been partitioned into zones. Our pupils are provided with a myriad of items ranging from balls to hula hoops while adopting the “Think Safe, Play Safe, Stay Safe” mindset to experience free-play in a responsible, caring and SAFE manner. 



 Parade square being partitioned into zones.Pupils having a game-challenge in a safe manner.  
Games cater to the intellectual and physical domains of the pupils.  

Pupils from different levels playing together in harmony.