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Character and Citizenship Education

Key Programmes

The school’s and CCE core values are the guiding principles towards the planning of the departmental programmes. It is committed in ensuring that pupils experience diverse programmes which will develop them holistically anchoring on values and positive characters.

Racial Harmony Day

The celebrations of Racial Harmony Day are a reminder of how important values and experiences connected us together as a Singaporean. They also empower our younger generations to remain open and inclusive even as our society becomes increasingly complex and diverse.

The school commemorates the event on 19 July for our pupils to internalise the racial harmony messages. The students gain insight of what Racial Harmony Day is all about during the presentation in the hall organised by the P3 teachers. The pupils put on ethnic costumes and were actively involved in the various multi-racial activities. Through the activities, the pupils learnt the importance of preserving racial harmony by appreciating the people of different races and cultural practices.

The pupils used leaves to make Chinese dumplings, ketupat and thoranam during the recess activities. As they weave the leaves together to create the Chinese dumplings, ketupat and thoranam, they learn the importance of unity. The thumbprint activity also heightens the pupils’ pledge to promote racial harmony through the dispositions of respect and acceptance of different races.


Pledge for Unity


Making of Ketupat  


Making of Thoranam  

National Day Celebration

The 2019 National Day theme is ‘Our Singapore’. The theme “Our Singapore” commemorates our Singapore bicentennial and allows us to tell Our Singapore story from past to present. The theme also emphasises the collective ownership of Singapore. Our pupils are living the dreams of our pioneers, and they are now the pioneers of our future.

Last year, we celebrated our nation’s 54 years of independence on the 8 August 2019. The celebration started with the sing-along session, observance ceremony followed by a concert which was the main highlight for the celebration organised by the P5 teachers.

As it was the bicentennial year for Singapore, the celebration included the evolution of our nation since it was founded and the contributions of our pioneers in the early years. Our pupils were able to obtain rich information of the pioneers such as Sir Stamford Raffles, Munshi Abdullah, Tan Tock Seng and Naraina Pillai through the dramatisation by our teachers.

The principals from Nanjing and Guest-of-Honour, Mrs Esther Mok joined in the celebration and had an enriching experience learning about our nation’s progress from a fishing village to a cosmopolitan city.

Observance Ceremony 


Interaction during Concert 


Principals from Nanjing with EXCO 

P5 NE Show

Every year, the National Education (NE) Show is organised to instill a sense of pride and belonging in the pupils. NE Show aims to develop group spirit among pupils and their commitment to the community and our nation. NE Show is also the preview to our National Day Parade. 

Last year, the NE Show was held at the Padang on Saturday, 20 July. The Padang has held many memorable events surrounded by several important landmarks such as Old Supreme Court building and City Hall MRT. The first National Day parade was held in Padang in 1966.

The P5 pupils sang the beloved National Day songs with zest and enthusiasm. Our pupils were in high-spirit as they moved to the beat of music and waving their mini Singapore flags during the entire show.

Our pupils were treated to brilliant and colourful performances as Singapore celebrated its Bicentennial. The military parade was stunning with its flawless execution from the different uniformed groups. The fleet of mobiles from the Army, Air Force, Navy and the Home Team past by the crowd in sequential manner exhibiting its important role to keep Singapore safe. Pioneers from different uniform groups past by the Padang in various armoured vehicles were applauded by the crowd for their magnificent contributions to Singapore during their service.

Multi-cultural song and dances filled the Padang with performers from different organisations and schools. The Padang was filled with seas of colourful lights and props. The stories of Singaporeans overcoming challenges and struggles inspired our pupils to look into the future with hope and commitment.   

Our pupils rose to sing the National Anthem and recited the pledge with pride as the show came to an end. The P5 pupils exhibited the values of Respect, Independence and Excellence as they cleared the litters at the sector they occupied. They ensured the sector to be litter-free when they left.  

The NE show ended with a 5-min breath-taking fireworks foreground our Old Supreme Court building synchronised with the favourite National Day Parade songs.

It was a night to remember for our P5 pupils as the show has imparted in them the importance of National Day.


Active participation and waving the Singapore flags with pride


Colourful performers 


Our pupils in high spirits 

Garden of Values

The Garden of Values (GOV) is developed to publicly acknowledge pupils’ efforts in displaying our schools’ values of I.N.S.P.I.R.E. (Integrity, Nation Loving, Sincerity, Perseverance, Independence, Respect and Excellence).

Our GOV wall is updated on a monthly basis with photographs and write-ups of our model pupils from P1 to P6 who are selected by their form and subject teachers based on a set of given criteria. The write-ups of the nominated pupils describe how they have specifically displayed the school values through their everyday actions.

Whenever the wall is being updated with new slips, our pupils would crowd around eagerly to read the write-ups as well as the quotes and story that portrays the value of the month. From the pupils’ enthusiasm, we believe that these model pupils have been given the recognition they deserve and a chance to be a role model to their peers. Recognition given to these model pupils would also develop their self-confidence, thinking skills and motivate them to do well in their learning.

Without a doubt, GOV has helped to inculcate our school values in our pupils and we aim to continue to encourage them to develop the right values and attitudes which are aligned to the 21st Century Competencies.

Inspirational Story

A pupil checking out her write-up

A model pupil that is nominated by her Form Teacher for the value of Integrity

VIA @ All Saints Home 

The P5 pupils’ VIA @ All Saints Home programme is organised by the CCE Department. The visit is part of the school’s Values in Action (VIA) programme where the pupils are given the opportunity to help the elderly residents through charitable work. This platform also creates awareness among our P5 pupils in VIA and the opportunity to exhibit the values of sincerity, respect and independence in their course of helpfulness. 

The pupils are excited for their visit to the All Saints Home as they look forward to interact with the elderly residents. The pupils have planned various activities for the home. The elderly people have so much fun and actively participated during the singing, dance and games session.  

As part of the school’s efforts to promote lifelong learning, the school has also donated books for the elderly to read during their recreation time.  

The two-days VIA programme has given our pupils a better insight of the importance in contributing back to the community.

Presentation of an artefact (consists of a mirror and clock) that promotes recycling.  

Dance session

Getting ready to engage the elderly residents

P4 CCE Art Learning Journey 

Our P4 pupils went to the Fort Canning on Friday, 12 July 2019. The learning journey to Singapore Bicentennial Experience cum National Museum Based learning aimed at exposing our P4 pupils to understand the history and development of Singapore. Through this learning journey, our pupils were able to discover how our history and evolution will shape their future. 

From Singapore To Singaporean: The Bicentennial Experience consisted of an indoor presentation and an outdoor trail which brought our pupils back to 700 years ago since the founding of Singapore. Our pupils were immersed with the innovation created to get them close to the history of Singapore. The pupils were also impressed when our staff Miss Nurhidayu and Mdm Siti Nurhirda were at the Fort Canning volunteered as guides for the Bicentennial Experience.  

The National Museum Based learning gave our pupils the opportunity to explore the exhibits which uncovered Singapore’s rich history since its founding. As our P4 pupils were busy actively interacting with the exhibits and activities from the various galleries, they also witnessed how important it was to understand the evolution of our nation’s history which gave them platforms to look for their own future. 

It was a learning journey with rich knowledge to end the week for our P4 pupils.  


An animation on how Sir Stamford Raffles founded Singapore

Braving the rain - an experience for the visitors 


Active learning at the outdoor trail