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Character and Citizenship Education

Student Leadership Development Organisational Structure for Prefects

Vision:  Anchoring on Values, Inspiring Others

Mission : Instilling values to be upright individual to serve the community and the country


Beliefs : Every individual from Yishun Primary School will be an asset to the society,

               having acquired the positive character traits and anchored with values

Key Programmes

The school’s and CCE core values are the guiding principles towards the planning of the departmental programmes. It is committed in ensuring that pupils experience diverse programmes which will develop them holistically anchoring on values and positive characters.


Total Defence Day 2017

Yishun Primary School commemorated Total Defence Day on Monday, 15 February 2017. The theme was “Together We Keep Singapore Strong”. Keeping Singapore strong is vital due to the uncertainties, threats and changes which are continuously taking place around us. On this day, pupils were reminded that they each have a role to play in building Singapore into a strong and secure nation.

The day started with a talk to the pupils. The presentation gave emphasis on both military and social defences. As Singapore is celebrating her 50th Anniversary of National Service (NS), pupils were also made aware of the progression and the changes that had been done through the years of Nation Service.

In order to give a better insight of what lives as a soldiers was like, the CCE Department had also displayed some artefacts from the various National Service units for viewing as well as building the understanding of all pupils.


Pupils trying out the artefacts on display.


Pupils viewing the artefacts on display.

International Friendship Day 2017


Pupils donning the different ethnic costumes.


International Friendship Day (IFD) was commemorated on Friday, 7 April 2017.  With the theme, ASEAN 50, pupils were given a greater understanding and appreciation of Singapore’s relations with her neighbouring countries and beyond. A series of exciting activities was lined up for our pupils to deepen their understanding of the relations that we share with other countries. Our pupils attended a mass presentation as well as lessons on the different cultures and traditions of the countries in ASEAN. Quizzes and assembling of puzzles were conducted as part of the recess activities on that day. IFD creates a good platform for our pupils to learn about and appreciate the cultures in cosmopolitan Singapore, thus, nurturing in our pupils the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different peoples.

Racial Harmony Day 2017

Yishun Primary School commemorated Racial Harmony Day on Friday, 21 July 2017. This year’s theme, The Singapore Way, focused on embracing diversity and how it can be a way of life for Singaporeans. Staff and pupils came dressed in colourful multicultural outfits. During the assembly talk, our pupils were introduced to the dish, ‘Rojak’. They learnt how the ingredients of rojak reflect the cultural diversity of Singapore. The commemoration extended to the recesses where our pupils had a fun and enriching time playing traditional games such as chapteh, five stones, zero point and spinning top, at the games stations manned by the parent volunteers and teachers. Pupils were strongly encouraged to participate in all the games and tokens were given to pupils who had successfully attempted all games. The playing of the traditional games provided them an opportunity to better appreciate the culture and traditions of the different races. The school hopes that through the various activities, pupils will learn to embrace diversity and live harmoniously in our multi-cultural society.


Pupils trying out the traditional game of ‘Zero Point’ and Pupil trying out the traditional game of ‘chapteh’.


Pupils in the different ethnic clothes

National Day 2017

National Day was celebrated in Yishun Primary School on Tuesday, 8 August 2017. The annual celebration was in commemoration of Singapore's independence from Malaysia in 1965.

The theme for this year’s National Day was ‘One Nation Together’; a rallying call for us to unite regardless of our backgrounds, religions, languages and cultures. It galvanises us to stand together against challenges and uncertainties as well as encourages us to come together to build a brighter future.

Pupils reported to school dressed in red and white. They witnessed the observance ceremony which included the marching-in contingent which carried both the National and School Flag. The pupils were then led to read out the Recollections followed by the reciting of the pledge. The National Day message was then read out by the principal, Mrs Yee-Toh Gek Khiaw.

To add onto the celebratory mood, concert performances, showcasing an array of items aligned to the National Day theme was put up by pupils of the different levels. The fun and enriching moment was further heightened with the singing of community songs.


Our young ones dancing and singing to the tune of the community songs. and the marching in contingent bringing in the National flag during the observance ceremony.

National Education (NE) Show 2017

The National Education (NE) Show is organised annually to provide a cohort experience for our Primary 5 pupils to immerse “live” in the full spectacle of the National Day Parade (NDP). This year, our Primary 5 pupils attended the show on Sunday, 2 July 2017, at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. The theme, this year, ‘One Nation Together’ reminds all Singaporeans that regardless of origin and background, we belong as one nation and one people. Besides celebrating Singapore’s 52nd birthday, the pupils also joined in to honour our National Servicemen as the nation is celebrating 50 years of National Service this year (NS50).

During the NDP preview, our P5 pupils were privileged to join in with pupils from other primary schools to celebrate our nation’s birthday through the various segments of the show. They were enthralled by the Dynamic Defence Display, the parachuting performance by the Red Lions, the Military Tattoo segment and the five F-15SG fighter aircrafts performing the signature bomb burst. Our P5 pupils were truly awed by the show of technology, military might and splendour. The pupils also enhanced the celebratory mood by singing NDP songs, past and present with much gusto and pride.

One of their favourites was ‘Because It’s Singapore!’ composed by Jay Lim as the NDP theme song this year. The highlight of the NE show was surely the fireworks. Pupils were mesmerised by the magical fireworks that lit the night sky. They could not stop clicking photos of this magnificent display.

Without any doubt, the NE Show has helped to promote our pupils’ sense of belonging, patriotism and love towards Singapore. It has also served as another platform for pupils to learn about team spirit and the importance of developing commitment to community and nation.


A group photo before moving into the Floating Platform, and Waving their flags high to signify the sense of pride.


Fireworks roaring into the night skies

Department Signature Programme – Grow and Glow Cards & I Am A Champion Cards

The Grow and Glow (GG) Activity Card for the Primary 1, Primary 2 and Primary 3 pupils were prototyped in 2015 in alignment to the Character and Citizenship syllabus launched by MOE.  The performance tasks are designed based on the mapping of both the school core values and the CCE values. Moving forward, the department has reviewed and refine the performance tasks for the Primary 6 level much to the approach adopted for the Glow and Grow Card Activity Card.

On the other hand, Primary 4 to Primary 6 pupils, are given the ‘I am a Champion’ activity cards where activities are designed in accordance to our school core values. These cards serve as a record of the values put into action by our pupils.

The main objectives of completing the activity cards include: 

1. Creating the platform for pupils to internalise the school’s core values 
2. Adopting a whole school approach  to promote character education 
3. Involving  stakeholders in the character development of our pupils 
4.  Promoting character education through teachers’ observations, participation in various school activities and integrations of different subject disciplines.



Some of the Products done by the pupils upon completion of the activities.

Garden of Values

The Garden of Values – Value of the Month aims to cultivate positive behaviour and publicly acknowledges the pupils demonstrations of the school and CCE values and other moral values. Through this, the pupils:

1. learn to be a good role model to their peers
2. learn to demonstrate exemplary behaviour or excellent conduct
3. acquire good social and personal skills

Procedure and Impact:

The Gardens of Value wall was developed to identify and give recognition to pupils who have displayed exemplary behaviour and demonstrates the school values and other moral values (CCE values) in and outside the school. The CCE Department believes that this recognition that goes beyond the classrooms will develop the Critical and Inventive Thinking skills in our pupils.

It will invoke reflective thinking skills and sound reasoning and decision making skills. The wall will display the photographs of the model pupils selected by their form and subject teachers based on a set of given criteria. The photographs and short write ups of the pupils will be updated on a monthly basis in order to promote the importance of being morally upright and provide more pupils with the recognition that they deserve.


The Garden of Values Wall

Values In Action - VIA

Integrated Approach to VIA

At Yishun Primary School, Values In Action (VIA) is carefully weaved into the main curriculum of the Instructional Programmes to give a holistic understanding of the relevance of the issues (as presented across the different subject disciplines) to the pupils instead of  regarding it in isolation. Such approach allows greater sustainability of knowledge with structured way of lesson delivery, thus impacting the learning by the pupils. VIA is anchored by the BIG theme ‘Environmental’. Pupils look into the various aspects of Environmental Science such as recycling, composting, overcoming haze, scarcity of land and pollutions. At the end of the day, pupils would be able to make meaning of their learning and able to apply the knowledge in their day to day activities.

Measuring the learning outcomes of the pupils require them to pen down their thoughts in the reflections booklet. Pupils’ reflections are guided by answering the different questions under the components of: Analysis, Critical Thinking and Decision Making.

Values In Action Using Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle


Kolb (1984) defines learning as “the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” (p. 38). He asserts that people perceive information through one of two primary modes:

1.    Abstract conceptualization or 
2.    Concrete experience.

Students process information through either the reflective observation or experimentation stage. Kolb describes learning as a four-step cycle that includes the following elements: 

1.    Concrete experience,
2.    Reflective observation, 
3.    Abstract conceptualisation, and 
4.    Active experimentation.

All learning processes include some sort of concrete experience that leads to a period of reflective observation.  From this reflection, students begin to conceptualise their learning in abstract terms and enter into a period of active experimentation in which they test the generalizations that resulted from reflection. This experimentation, in turn, leads cyclically into more concrete experiences.

Using the Kolb’s Learning Cycle, the school paths its journey towards VIA in a more structured and meaningful manner. Schemes of work are carefully thought through by level teachers, focussing on the clear learning outcomes of the pupils’, knowledge and skills which centred towards the inculcation of both the R^3ICH and INSPIRE values.


Approach of VIA


Classroom Maintenance

The annual ‘Use Your Hand’ Campaign is conducted termly on the second last day of each term before the school holidays. Pupils do a thorough cleaning of their classrooms by cleaning the furniture and keeping away all books and worksheets neatly in the cabinets. Through this campaign, pupils learnt to look after the school property and understand the importance of creating a conducive, clean environment for effective learning.


Classroom Cleanliness Competition 2017  

The objectives of the cleanest classroom competition are to:

1.    provide opportunities for pupils to work as a team, develop good values and character, and understand that every pupil has a role to play in keeping the classroom clean.
2.    develop a conducive learning environment in the classroom.


In this monthly VIA activity, individual level’s classrooms would be assessed for cleanliness by the CCE’s assessors. Points would be awarded based on the set of rubrics used for assessment.  The classroom from each level (P1 to P6) with the most number of points accumulated would be conferred as The Cleanest Classroom for that month. A nicely framed certificate would be presented to the winning classes during assembly and hung outside these classes as a form of recognition for their great effort.  

Through this VIA activity, it helps to inculcate important values such as teamwork, respect, independence and excellence in our pupils. It also provides an opportunity for them to hone their social and emotional learning (SEL) skills as our future leaders and concerned citizens to make Singapore a cleaner and greener city for all of us.

Visit to All Saints’ Home

The P5 pupils’ VIA @ All Saints Home programme was organized by the CCE Department with two main objectives:

To arouse the awareness in our pupils in helping the elderlies through the visit; and
To provide opportunity for pupils to bond by doing meaningful charitable work.  

During the visit, the pupils learnt to handle and manoeuvre the wheelchairs as they were required to transport the residents to the hall for the VIA activity.   

Thereafter, the pupils sang and danced as a way of entertaining the residents. Some played games, while others interacted with the elderlies. As a follow-up, the P5 pupils would do a reflection in the Pupil’s Handbook on their key learning points. 

The programme is aimed to inculcate good values such as sincerity, respect, and independence in our pupils. It also creates a good platform for them to learn to be proficient leaders, concerned citizens and active contributors for Singapore.


Our pupils entertaining the residents with energetic dance moves, and Mrs Yee presenting some art pieces done by the Art Club members of Yishun Primary School to the centre supervisor.


Chef Celebrity Mel giving his inspiring talk to the group of Primary 6 pupils.


Our YPS teacher, Mr Chou sharing his army days to the P6 pupils

The annual Career Talk forms part of our post examination activities for our Primary 6 pupils with the objective of equipping pupils with the knowledge, skills and values to make informed decisions at each key education stage for successful transition from school to further education or work. This will hence manage their career pathways and lifelong learning throughout their lives.  

The sharing covers several aspects such as the expectations, the knowledge, values and skills needed for the job. The sharing is aligned to the school’s core values as well as towards developing the 21st century competencies of the pupils.  This year the school was fortunate to have two of the talks conducted by renowned Chef Celebrity, Chef Mel and our very own Mr Chou who was a former officer in the army.  

Pupils were truly excited to learn about the career as a chef. They learnt the amount of hard work required to be a successful celebrity chef. Pupils were very inspired by the courage the blade runner has and how he exemplify the virtues of perseverance.