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Nurturing every child to strive for excellence and appreciation in the Arts.


Empower, excite, experience all possibilities in the Arts arena.


Learning for Life Programme 

Viva De SymphonieChampioning Values: Living, Learning And Growing Through Music

Through its LLP, Yishun Primary School is in a unique position as it leverages its Performing Arts to further achieve the school’s vision and mission. The LLP is customised based on the philosophy that every pupil is talented, has the potential and drive for self-improvement with an attitude of excellence towards the Aesthetics.

This belief is guided by two thrusts: Music for All and Music for Excellence. Putting the beliefs into action, the school planned the LLP according to three domains: Experience, Excite and Empower.



The school believes that every pupil is talented. In line with MOE’s Uplift initiative, under the Experience domain, every pupil is exposed to varied music and performing arts genres. Through the authentic learning experiences, every pupil will be able to appreciate local, ASEAN and international music and performing arts genre.



The school believes that every pupil has the potential. Under the Excite domain, the school nurtures pupils’ passion and talents further through CCAs, talent identification, school-based and community-based performances and competitions.



The school believes that every pupil has the drive for self-improvement with an attitude for excellence towards the Aesthetics. As such, open calls provide opportunities and platforms for pupils to take ownership of their learning. Based on their passion and interests, pupils pursue the Aesthetics field further, acquiring the skills and knowledge to be world-ready youths of the future.


Apart from the skills and knowledge acquisition, LLP equips every pupils with 21st century competencies and strengthen the inculcation of school and universal values through the three domains, Experience, Excite and Empower.

Through the Music Modular programme, P5 pupils acquire skills and knowledge in Ukulele.
A Malay dance performance at a community-based function organised by Grassroots organisation.

Providing exposure to all pupils on a Chinese Dance performance under the Experience domain

Under the Empower domain, pupils come forward to perform with their Music teacher as part of recess performances.

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation

SYF serves to support nation-building efforts and develops cultural awareness and appreciation through the Aesthetics education. It provides the platform for the development of character, 21st Century Competencies and social emotional learning through the Arts.

In line with the school’s LLP philosophy that every pupil is talented, has the potential and drive for self-improvement with an attitude of excellence towards the Aesthetics, SYF celebrates youth vitality.

SYF also offers opportunities for continuous learning and improvement through feedback from industry professionals on the showcase of diverse artistic talents and creativity.


Indian Dance - Certificate of Distinction @ SYF Arts Presentation 2018


Malay Dance - Certificate of Accomplishment @ SYF Arts Presentation 2018


Chinese Dance - Certificate of Accomplishment @ SYF Arts Presentation 2018

Aes_SYF_4.jpgAngklung Kulintang - Certificate of Accomplishment @ SYF Arts Presentation 2018


Concert Band - Certificate of Distinction @ SYF Arts Presentation 2018


International Dance - Certificate of Accomplishment @ SYF Arts Presentation 2018

Gamelan - Certificate of Accomplishment @
SYF Arts Presentation 2018
 Sea-ing Plastic - Certificate of Recognition @
SYF Art 2019

Embracing Creativity and Enhancing Character-building through Origami

This programme adopts the art form (Origami) as the school’s key Art programme. This is part of Aesthetics department’s effort in providing more opportunities for pupils to uphold the school values such as perseverance and excellence, build on their resilience and enhance their 21st century competencies.  


The school saw the Origami programme being expanded through a 3-pronged approach, which is aligned to the school’s aesthetics approach of Arts for All and Arts for Excellence:


Recess Activities

A more focussed approach on Origami with progression in skills and appreciation for the art form in every Term, over the 3 recesses.

Level Programmes

P1-P4 – focus on 2-dimensional Origami

P5-P6 – focus on 3-dimensional Origami

Community Outreach

Collaboration with National Library Board (NLB) (Yishun)


  • Recess activities

Over the terms, there is an increasing trend in the number of participation. Higher level of engagement is observed. Peer coaching is also evident through the sessions. Art club members are seen guiding the lower primary pupils with the folding techniques throughout the various sessions.

  • Level Programmes

There is progression in the knowledge and skills acquisition. Pupils have shown greater appreciation of art form as they have better understanding of the cultural background and history of the art form. In addition, they have set aside more time and effort into the art processes, instead on focusing solely on the final product. Pupils also build on their resilience as they raised their perseverance level through the challenging phases during the making processes. Their creativity and critical thinking is also enhanced through the exploration and experimentation stages, Through peer modelling, they develop effective communication skills as they learn to coach their peers towards the desired outcomes.

  • Community Outreach

Through the Art for Excellence approach, art club has collaborated with NLB to showcase our Art club members’ artworks through our key programme. 

Aesthetics department teachers and parent volunteers engaging the pupils through Origami recess activity that is held termly.
Under the Arts for All approach, P5-P6 pupils learn to make 3-dimensional Origami polygon.
Under the Art for Excellence approach and as part of the school’s community outreach programme, Art Club members’ artworks are displayed in the Yishun National Library.


Pupils’ learning is supported by a vibrant school environment.

Hearts on Cards (HOC) Project 2020

Appreciation Cards for Healthcare Workers


As Singapore combats the spread of COVID-19, schools have instituted various measures to play our part in ensuring the safety and well-being of our pupils.

Apart from educating our pupils on cleanliness and personal hygiene, our lessons also touched upon the contribution of our healthcare workers.


Our pupils are aware that our healthcare workers go beyond the call of duty to ensure that patients are safe.

In line with our school values of nation loving, sincerity, perseverance and respect, the Aesthetics Department has put in place the HOC project to instil a sense of gratitude in our students for the sacrifice that our healthcare workers have made to ensure a safer Singapore.


The HOC project leverages the school’s Aesthetics’ niche, Origami. The project allows the school to extend the mileage of the niche area to create a positive impact on the community.

Working on the community approach, the school has identified the healthcare workers at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Yishun Polyclinic and All Saints’ Home to be the recipients of these cards.

The school will also be reaching out to the non-teaching staff in the school, who continue to play key roles in ensuring the school operates on a daily basis despite COVID-19.

The table below shows the intended recipients for the various levels:


Intended Recipients

Primary 1 & Primary 2

Art Club Junior Members

Non-teaching staff (cleaners, admin team etc.) in the school

Primary 3 to Primary 6

Art Club Senior Members

Healthcare workers from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital,           Yishun Polyclinic and All Saints Home

Volunteers through Open Call

Singhealth Officers


Every card was accompanied by an Origami heart, symbolising our pupils’ heartfelt gratitude to the selfless and endless work of a healthcare worker in Singapore in the face of adversity.


Currently, the Singapore Kindness Movement has launched the Friend of Singa (FOS) 2020, with the aim of inspiring graciousness through spontaneous acts of kindness, making life more pleasant for everyone. Through the FOS, students are empowered to lead their schools in a kindness campaign.


Drawing an alignment between the objectives of the HOC Project and FOS, the Aesthetics Department is collaborating with the Discipline Committee, using HOC as the project for the school’s participation in FOS.

Authentic learning experiences  in designing cards with the Origami hearts for an audience.
Articulating their thoughts as they pen down their sweet messages for the healthcare workers

The pupils driven by self- directedness, volunteered to make more Origami hearts for the HOC project.
The pupils showing their heartfelt gratitude for the healthcare workers through the Hearts on Cards project.
Our Principal, Mr Chan, on behalf of Yishun Primary School, presenting the pupils’ cards to Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital.

With lots of hearts to the healthcare workers in Yishun Polyclinic 

Year-end Art Exhibition

As much as we wish our pupils to appreciate the Arts, we also want them to feel that their artworks are appreciated and valued for.

As proposed by the educational perspective under the Ethical Leadership, our goal is to serve the best interest of our pupils. With this belief in mind, an Art exhibition is seen as an effective platform to show our sense of gratitude and appreciation for our pupils’ effort, determination and perseverance as they see through their art pieces.

Artist and Citizenship was the theme for the Year-end exhibition in 2019.
An appreciation and a celebration of the pupils’ talents and passion in Visual Arts
As part of the school’s partnership effort, Orchid Park Secondary School contributes artworks to the Year-end Exhibition yearly.
Aesthetics Department members working hard each year curating and displaying pupils’ works at the Year-end Exhibition.