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Yishun Primary Scouts CCA provides a platform for self-development and self-discovery. We aim to create a closely–knit group environment, which is engaging and work towards developing Scouts holistically. We provide leadership opportunities for them to develop their characters through games, interaction in small groups and activities. They will also be given opportunity to engage in community services and participate in camps and competitions to interact and bond with Scouts from different schools.

There is a progress and proficiency badge system for all three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold Arrow) of scouting to prepare them to take on the challenge of attaining the highest award of Scouting – the Akela Award. Our comprehensive scouting programmes have attributed the attainment of the Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award for the last 18 years consecutively and Honours Penant back in 2009.

With such exposure, we hope to develop our scouts into motivated, independent and adaptable individuals who are able to maintain gracious relationship with others and be a contributing member of the society.



Akela Award Recipients Y2019. (Photo taken Pre-Covid)


Congratulations to our Akela Award recipients for Y2019 (Photo taken pre-Covid)

Yishun Scouts reciting the Scout laws and promises during Annual Scout Founder’s Day Celebration (Photo taken pre-Covid)

Mr Masri Bin Kario (I/C) (masri_kario@schools.gov.sg)
Mrs Ahrunhachelam Shanthi (ahrunhachelam_shanthi@schools.gov.sg)
Mr Quek Xiang Jing (quek_xiang_jing@schools.gov.sg)
Miss Kusumawati (kusumawati_ahmad_dafir@schools.gov.sg)

Indoor Sports Hall Level 4 (Flexi Room 2 & 3)

Time and Day:
2.00pm - 4.00pm, Tuesdays


Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award since 2002 consecutively.
Frank Cooper Sands  Honours Penant Award in 2009