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Nusantara Orchestra


Yishun Nusantara Orchestra was formed in 2008, bringing together two instrumental ensembles - Angklung/ Kulintang Orchestra and the Gamelan Ensemble which had achieved the Gold with Honours award in the SYF 2008 and SYF 2010. Thereafter, the two ensembles managed to maintain the commendable achievements in subsequent SYF Central Judging and Arts Presentations. 

This merger aims to provide a bigger platform for pupils to be exposed to the beautiful and unique sounds of the Angklung and the Gamelan. Apart from sectional trainings, pupils also attend combined practices and performances so as to develop teamwork and cohesiveness. 

Yishun Primary School Gamelan Ensemble was set up in 2007 with the intention of instilling an appreciation for the unique and beautiful sound of this ethnic musical instrument among our pupils. Since its set up, the orchestra has performed in numerous school functions as well as external functions. Gamelan is a unique instrument which originates from Indonesia. Its music has been regarded by many as captivating and as time goes by, has even managed to enchant listeners from beyond its country of origin. 

SYF Arts Presentation 2014 – Certificate of Distinction.jpg
SYF Arts Presentation – Certificate of Distinction
SYF Central Judging – Gold

Yishun Primary School Angklung and Kulintang Orchestra was formed in March 2007. The club comprises of the full range of Angklungs and the Kulintangs. This performing art originates from Indonesia. An Angklung is made from bamboos which produces a distinctive vibrating sound when a player rattles it while the kulintang is a Sulawesian xylophone ensemble. 

SYF Arts Presentation 2014 – Certificate of Accomplishment.jpg

SYF Arts Presentation  – Certificate of Accomplishment
SYF Central Judging  – Silver


                                             Arts Fiesta 2019 at Deyi Secondary School


                                               Performance at Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2018

                                                Performance at Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) 2018


Mr Sahir Bin Mohd Tauhid (OIC)

Angklung/ Kulingtang:
Miss Siti Nurhirda 
Miss June Low Mun Ling
Mdm Humairiah
External Instructor

Mdm Azura (I/C) (azura_abu@schools.gov.sg)
Mdm Faranah (noor_faranah_mohamed@schools.gov.sg)
Miss Kusumawati (kusumawati_ahmad_dafir@schools.gov.sg)
External Instructor

Angklung/ Kulingtang (Music Room)
Gamelan (Dance Room)

Time and Days:
Gamelan: 2.00pm - 4.30pm, Tuesdays
Angklung: 2.00pm - 4.00pm, Fridays  

2018 SYF Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment