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Malay Dance


The Malay Dance aims to expose the pupils to the rich and colourful assortment of Malay music, cultivating their love and interest in the Malay culture and heritage. The pupils are taught the basic dance movements of different genres through fun and learning engagements. The dance gives opportunities for pupils to develop their leadership qualities when communicating and collaborating as a group. Through performances at various platforms, pupils would gain self-confidence and develop their self-discipline.



Mdm Nurhayati (I/C)
Mdm Siti Nafizah Bte A Bakar
Mrs Ribut Aziz (ST)
External Instructor

Indoor Sports Hall Level 5 (Observation Room)
Time and Days:
2.00pm - 4.00pm, Tuesdays
2.00pm - 4.00pm, Fridays


  • SYF Arts Presentation 2018 – Certificate of Accomplishment 
  • SYF Arts Presentation 2014 – Certificate of Distinction
  • SYF Central Judging 2012 – Gold With Honours