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International Dance (Hip Hop)


International Dance CCA endeavours to guide all pupils to excel in teamwork and leadership through dancing. All members will learn to set aside personal interests to achieve the common goal as a dance team. Members will be given opportunities to practise leadership skills to achieve the enviable balance of positive interaction with their teammates while still maintaining the leadership.

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Mr Goh Jia Hui (I/C)
Mdm Chia Lay Moi
Mrs Huang-Giok Mei Charn Chloe
External Instructor

Dance Studio (ISH Level 2) 

Time and Days:
2.30pm - 4.30pm, Tuesdays


2018 SYF Arts Presentation - Certificate of Accomplishment
Singapore Youth Festival 2016 Arts Presentation for Dance (International Dance Category) – Distinction.
Danceworks 2016 – Champions, Best Anti-drug Theme Award.
Danceworks 2015 - 
1st Runner up, Best Props Award & Best Anti-drug Theme Award.
Danceworks 2015 - 1st Runner up, Best Props Award & Best Anti-drug Theme Award. 
Danceworks 2014 - Merit Award & Best Dancer Award
Streetbliss 2013 - Champions