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Green Club


Green Club aims to develop pupils into environmental champions, where they gain a global awareness of environmental issues, passionately encourage others to adopt environmentally-conscious practices and create solutions to real world environmental problems at a micro-level. Pupils will also get opportunities to go for field trips, take part in competitions and participate in school outreach activities through Green Ambassadors training. 

Composting food waste.JPG

Composting Food Waste


Green Ambassadors training.JPG


Mrs Lim Zi Wei (I/C)
Mr Vernon Tan

Science Lab or PTC Lab

Time and Day:
2.00pm - 4.00pm, Fridays


2015 Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition - Silver

2016 Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition - Gold Award, Certificate of Commendation

Greenwave Environmental Care Competition - Encouragement Award

2017 Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition - Certificate of Commendation