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Environmental Science


Environmental Science aims to develop pupils into environmental champions, where they gain a global awareness of environmental issues, passionately encourage others to adopt environmentally-conscious practices and create solutions to real world environmental problems at a micro-level. Pupils will also get opportunities to go for field trips, take part in competitions and participate in school outreach activities through Green Ambassadors training.

Environmental Science_2021_1_Closer to Nature.jpeg

Closer to Nature

Environmental Science_2021_2_Research Task.jpg
Research Task

Environmental Science_2019_3_Fun with Science Toys.jpg
Fun with Science Toys (Photo taken pre-Covid)

Environmental Science_2019_4_Design and Test a Parachute.jpg
Design and Test the Parachute (Photo taken pre-Covid)

Environmental Science_2019_5_Turning Trash to Treasure.jpg
Turning Trash to Treasure (Photo taken pre-Covid)


Mrs Lim Zi Wei (I/C) (goh_zi_wei@schools.gov.sg)
Mdm Latifah Binte Mohamed Hussain (latifah_mohamed_hussain@schools.gov.sg)

Science Lab or PTC Lab

Time and Day:
2.00pm - 4.00pm, Fridays


2018 Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition - Silver, Certificate of Commendation

2018 National Youth Upcycling Movement (NYUM) – 3 Silver Awards

2019 Elementz Science Project Competition and Exhibition - Silver, Certificate of Commendation

2019 National Youth Upcycling Movement (NYUM) - Gold and Silver Awards

2021 National Youth Upcycling Movement (NYUM) - Certificate of Accomplishment