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Chess Club


Chess is a fun, creative and challenging strategic board game for all ages. As a game of strategy, Chess promotes cognitive thinking among the players as they analyse each move in the game. We aim to not only develop the players’ patience and tenacity while playing the game but also inculcate in them our school's core values of respect, perseverance, and excellence.

CCA_Chess Club_2020_1.jpg

Active chess strategizing in broad daylight

CCA_Chess Club_2020_2.jpg

Players engaging in Othello playing as part of their repertoire of skills

CCA_Chess Club_2020_3.jpg

Chess playing is actually hard brain exercise!

Mr Amos Wu Pom Hin (I/C) (amos_wu_pom_hin@schools.gov.sg)
Mr Chou Ching Shan (chou_ching_shan@schools.gov.sg)
Ms Chua Mei Ling (chua_mei_ling_b@schools.gov.sg)

C2-01 & C2-02

Time and Day:
2.00pm - 4.00pm, Fridays