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Junior Civil Defence Lionhearter Challenge 2022 

In March this year, the Singapore Civil Defence Force organised the Junior Civil Defence Lionhearter Challenger 2022. The challenge comprised a series of exciting activities, culminating in a virtual event which saw students pit their emergency preparedness knowledge and quick wits against other teams. 

The challenge aimed to equip students with emergency preparedness skills including life-saving skills, which can be applied during an emergency. Under the guidance of Mdm Fauziah, five students formed a team and took part in the challenge.

Congratulations to the following pupils who received the awards!

Teacher Mentor: Mdm Fauziah Alang

Emma Law5 ResponsibilityCertificate of Participation
Goh Shan Zhu Perlie5 GratitudeCertificate of Participation
 John Abiah Britto5 GratitudeCertificate of Participation
Muhammad Wafiq Bin Mohamed Hamzah 5 Gratitude  Certificate of Participation
 Sumbeling Jesi Erlin Fernandez5 Gratitude  Certificate of Participation

2022 Memory Games Challenge

Organised in March 2022, Memory Games Challenge comprised of exciting puzzles and games, in the form of a virtual escape room, which participants had to unlock. The challenge aimed to ignite the joy of learning Chinese Language for students taking Foundation Chinese Language.

Under the guidance of Ms Tan Lian Kiah, two Primary 6 students took part in this inter-school competition and landed themselves in the top thirteenth placing. Through their participation, the students developed a sense of fulfilment in solving problems collaboratively as a team.

Congratulations to the following pupils who received the awards!

Teacher Mentor: Ms Tan Lian Kiah

Ng Yu Yang6 CareMerit Award
Daniel Ho Yong Jie6 CareMerit Award