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Junior Civil Defence Lionhearter Challenge 2022 

In alignment with the Learn for Life initiative to ignite the joy of learning, Qifa Primary School organised a Memory Games Challenge for Primary 5 & 6 students who are taking Foundation Chinese Language on 10 March 2021.
The rationale of the challenge is to provide a platform for students taking Foundation Chinese Language to pick up some useful memory techniques through fun and engaging games station activities.  Congratulations to the following pupils who received the Merit awards!

Teacher Mentor: Miss Tan Lian Kiah

Name of pupilClassAchievement
Ong Tzu Yu (Wang Ciyu)6 CareMerit
Low Li Hua6 CareMerit

2021 National Calligraphy Competition

Our pupils participated in the National Chinese Calligraphy Competition organized by Fo Guang Shan (Singapore). We are delighted to share with you that the following pupils have clinched awards this year.

Name of PupilClassAchievement
Valeria Yeo3 Integrity
Tan Yu Qian4 ResilienceCertificate of
 Qi Xiaoran5 Respect  Participation
 Brandon Koh5 Respect (All 7 students 
 Ong Jing Wen5 Respect  were shortlisted
 Tham Yu Jing5 Respect for final round) 
 He Jie5 Respect  

4th Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools

Our pupils, comprises of four teams and 4 individuals, participated in the 4th Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools (全国中小学课文朗诵比赛) 2021. The main objective of this competition is to ignite our pupils’ love for learning Chinese Language and deepen their understanding of the texts in their textbooks through text recitals. Congratulations to the pupil who have achieved the following awards.

Teacher Mentors: Miss Han Ying, Miss Sim Sze Hua, Miss Chen Xifang

Name of PupilClassAchievement
Laurentina Tang Xin Yan2 CareBronze (Individual Category)
Yap Ze Qi Alycia3 IntegrityBronze (Individual Category)
Tan Ming Ze 4 Gratitude Bronze (Individual Category) 
Deborah Ho Xin Yun 6 Integrity Bronze (Individual Category) 
Zhang Qi Xuan
Cherylle Ang
Yu Xin Hui
2 Integrity
2 Resilience
2 Harmony
Bronze (Group Category) 
Jane Phua Yan Xuan
Yuan Yu Tong
3 Responsibility Bronze (Group Category) 
Ong Zixiang Alvin
Jasen Phua Le Yang
Liew Si Jia
4 Integrity
4 Gratitude
4 Care
Bronze (Group Category) 
Ong Jiayi Amelia
Fan Ruola
Strewn Phua Jun An
5 Resilience
5 Resilience
6 Resilience
Bronze (Group Category) 

Singapore Moo-O Awards 2021

The Singapore Moo-O Awards 2021 is a storytelling competition where pupils take on characters in a story and present them in an interesting and engaging manner using the Moo-O software.

The objectives of the competition are to motivate students to read and speak fluently and expressively in English and also to cultivate a love for the English language through a fun, engaging and immersive way of reading.

Our school has been awarded the Silver Award. We congratulate the following team members:

Name of pupilClassAchievement
Nicole Zhu Yan Xi3 RespectSilver
Jaikumar Hasini3 RespectSilver
 Kaden Kean Ng3 RespectSilver

Teachers' Conference and ExCEL Fest 2021 

The Teachers' Conference and ExCEL Fest (TCEF) 2021 is a three-day event organized biennially by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for teachers to learn together as a fraternity. It aims to bring local educators together to learn, to connect and to engage with thought leaders and practitioners, explore possibilities for the future of teaching and learning. We were pleased to share our good practice with educators at TCEF this year!

PresentationName of Staff
TWG Writing Lesson for Chinese LanguageMdm Zhu Shengjie
Mdm Lee Kim Kim
Ms Cher Xin Joo
Miss Tan Lian Kiah
Ms Guan Qin Qin
Poster Presentation - Healthy Bellies, Healthy Veggies Mr Sahir Bin Mohamed Tauhid
Mr Tee Han Yun, Joel
Mdm Fauziah
Mr Chou Ching Shan 
 Poster Presentation - Our Reading Smart BoxMdm Sivakami
 Mr Thandavamurthy Vasanthavelan
Mr Vasudavan
Mrs Ahrunhachelam Shanthi
 Poster Presentation - Increasing Teachers' Grammar Quotient Miss Cha Siew Lian Shona
Mdm Fauziah
Mr Wu Pom Hin Amos
Ms Chua Mei Ling
 Poster Presentation - Developing Social Emotional Competencies Through Digital ArtMdm Aziana
Mdm Soh Hwee Ling
Ms Phang Bi Yun 
 Poster Presentation - Math Joy!Mrs Mary Chen
Ms Yong Hui Wen 
 Poster Presentation - Pengayaan kosa kata Bahasa Melayu untuk perbualan lisan melalui Google Earth untuk pelajar sekolah rendahMdm Dewi Kartika 
 3C Reading Comprehension Strategy (Chinese Language)Mdm Zhu Shengjie
 Mdm Chiang Te Hui