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Mother Tongue Languages Symposium 2019

Our pupil, Nur Ariana Bte Abdul Aziz of 4 Nation Loving, was invited to perform a Malay song and dance item titled ‘Tari Tualang Tiga’ at the Mother Tongue Languages Symposium (MTLS) held at Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre on 24 August 2019.

The theme of MTLS 2019 is “A Garden for Joyful Discovery” which focuses on how children learn, grow and thrive in a vibrant and immersive MTL environment and develop a keen sense of life-long learning for our Mother Tongue Languages. 


Nur Ariana performing a song and dance entitled ‘Tari Tualang Tiga'.

2nd Text Recital Competition 2019 for Primary and Secondary Schools

Three teams of pupils participated in the 2nd Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools (全国中小学课文朗诵比赛) 2019. The main objective of this competition is to ignite our pupils’ love for learning Chinese Language and deepen their understanding of the texts in their textbooks through text recitals. Congratulations to the pupil who have achieved the following awards.


Name of Pupil




Tan Ming Ze

Jason Phua Le Yang

Lee Yan Kuan

2 Perseverance

2 Independence

3 Excellence

Silver (Group Category)


Ang Wen Xin, Alyssa

Tan Tze Qi

Yan Chenfei

5 Excellence

5 Excellence

5 Integrity

Bronze (Group Category)


Rachelle Geraldine Lim

5 Excellence

Bronze (Individual Category)

text recital.png
Our pupil-participants with HOD MTL, Mdm Chiang Te Hui and Teacher-in-charge, Mdm Lee Kim Kim.

school recognition for text recital.png

Our Pupil-participants and teachers receiving Certificate of Participation.

Generals Order (将军令) Inter-Schools Competition 2019

A group of selected pupils took part in the Generals Order (将军令) Inter-Schools Competition 2019. Generals Order is the first Chinese strategy trading card game developed by a local company and introduced in 2007. It can be played by two or more players based on the characters for the Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. 

We would like to congratulate the following pupils for clinching the Merit Award under the Group Category. 

Name of Pupils


Chong Jun Yuan

5 Integrity

Yan Chenfei

5 Integrity

Gao Shijie

5 Integrity

Lim Jun Wei, Jerome

5 Integrity

Ryan Hoo Soon Cheng

5 Nation Loving

Justin Lee Zhe Yu

5 Sincerity

Terrance Tan Wei Han

5 Sincerity

Ang En Xin Alyssa

5 Excellence

Guo Yanbei

6 Integrity

Javier Pek Kang Hong

6 Integrity

Seah Jia Xuan Rachel

6 Integrity

Ryan Seah Khai Sian

6 Integrity

Pupil-representative receiving Merit Award from Guest of Honor


Pupil-participants receiving Certification of Participation from Mr Sada

Our pupils in action during the competition

18th Elementz Science Project and Competition 2019

Two teams participated in the 18th Elementz Science Project and Competition organised by and held at Anderson Secondary School. The competition is aligned with the national drive towards environmental education and focuses on preparing everyone to be responsible global citizens. The results of the two projects submitted are as follow: 

Project title


Details of participants

Class in 2019

Potato Power


Rian Adeline Getulle Francisco

Shoban Kumar Krishya

Nur Hanna Delilah Binte Muhand Sair

Chua Lin Sian

5 Nation Loving

Effects of Sound on Plants’ Growth

Certificate of Commendation

Ng Xin Ying Fallon

Khin Myat Sandy

6 Integrity

Ryan Yee Pin Jun

6 Nation Loving

Goh Shi Pin Vera

6 Sincerity

elementz 1.jpg
Our Primary 5 pupil-participants receiving their team’s Bronze Award at Anderson Secondary School.

elementz 2.jpg
elementz 3.jpg

MOE Innergy (Schools) Gold Award - Showcasing of our Project S•C•R•E•E•N at MOE ExCEL Fest 2019

To promote the joy of learning, YPS harnesses technology to actively engage both students and their parents; before, during and after Overseas Immersion Programmes. Project S•C•R•E•E•N enables the school to better communicate with parents to build successful and effective school-home partnerships. We were pleased to share our good practice with educators at our MOE ExCEL Fest Exhibition Booth on 27-28 May 2019. Our team also received the MOE Innergy (Schools) Gold Award 2018 during the Award Ceremony which was on Day 1 of the MOE ExCEL Fest.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-02 at 11.24.08 AM.jpeg

Minister taking a picture with the students.JPG

National Calligraphy Competition

Our pupils participated in the National Chinese Calligraphy Competition.We are delighted to share with you that the following pupils have clinched awards at the national level this year.

Merit Award

Cultural Award

Li Yushu (P6)

Gao Shijie (P5)

Eain Thu Ko (P6)

OPS BACA Competition (Malay Language Competition) 2019

The Ops Baca 2019 is a competition and platform for P2 to P5 pupils to the showcase of their talents in stage performance. 14 of our pupils participated in this competition and achieved the following:


Student Participants


Primary 2

Firdaus Zuhayr Bin Sani

Abdul Raquib Ehsan bin Abdul Rahmat

Nashua Syaura binti Mohd Latif

Hana Shofiyyah binte Mohd Fadzil


Primary 3

Airina binte Muhd Farhat

Inqa Martina binte Mohd Zulizal


Primary 4

Aini Batrisyia bte Mohd Fadzil

Nur Ariana bte Abdul Aziz

Muhd Danny Darrelsyah M.Khairil

Raziq Saifullah bin Mohd Yazid


Primary 5

Alesha Sofea binte Ahmad

Haninah binte Mohd Faizal

Deanysha Putri binte Zailani

Intan Edora binte Mohd Zulizal




Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Visual Arts 2019

In the SYF category A, the artwork by our team of P2 pupils was awarded a Certificate of Recognition. The artwork is entitled ‘Sea-ing Plastic’ and the pupils who created it are:


1.   Bigueras Camille Anne Macadaeg

2.   Choo Koi Ning

3.   Enver Tan Yue Jie

4.   Huang Xinru

5.   Ng Xin Yan Serene

6.   Toh Jia Qi

7.   Nayli Putri Binte Paizan

17th Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award

Created in 1995 in honour of the father of Scouting in Singapore, the Frank Cooper Sands Award is awarded annually to sectional scout units for unit excellence. The assessment for the award centres on Unit Administration, Participation, Training and Development. This year Yishun Primary School received its 17th Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award. Congratulations to our cub scouts!

Singapore Moo-O Awards 2019

A team comprising 3 of our P3 pupils participated in the Singapore Moo-O Awards 2019, a storytelling competition where pupils take on characters in a story and present them in an interesting manner using the Moo-O software. 

Awardee  Award
Akash Krist s/o Rajesh
Ong Jing Wen
Tabitha Shifaa Sahull Hamied

Green Wave Environment Care Project for Schools 2018

To inculcate awareness and motivate students to gain a sense of personal and group responsibility for their own environment and in the process, three groups of pupils participated in the Green Wave Environmental Care Competition 2018 organised by Sembcorp Marine Ltd. The pupils learned valuable lessons in the process of competition and each of the three teams clinched an award.

Project Title


Team Members

Nature Harmony

2nd Prize Award

Harinipandi d/o Jaikumar

Lee Kai Xin Rachel

Nur Aleefa Elyana Binte Mohannad Fairuz

Tan Wee Xuan Wichelle

Scrub Away

Commendation Award

Aisya Suryana Binti Mohamad Alias

Ayu Syabilah Binte Shahrul

G K Devendra s/o Ganesh

Reyniery Maulana Affanny Bin Mohamad


Encouragement Award

He Xinyun Deborah

Jiang Mengxuan


Ye Wenyang

Zavian Kong

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WhatsApp Image 2019-05-29 at 12.45.10 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2019-05-29 at 12.45.11 PM.jpeg