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Mathematics Competitions

Our pupils have done us proud in the recent Mathematics Competitions. We attained 3 bronzes for the National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore. Another team of pupils achieved 2 High Distinctions and 9 Distinctions for the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS).3 Bronze Awards

Math Achievement1.jpg

3 Bronze Awards

ICAS 2015.jpg

Math Achievement2.jpgPrimary 4  - 2 High Distinctions & 5 Distinctions              
Primary 5  - 4 Distinctions

Chinese Language

N6 Cluster Creative Traditional Games Olympics 2015

Four of our Primary four pupils took part in the above Chinese Competition was organised and held at St Nicholas Girl's School on Saturday, 15 August. This is a N6 cluster schools event (for Chinese Language) where secondary school pupils set up games stall for primary school pupils to participate.

The following pupils, Xu Ziran, Chia Qi Xing and Lionel Seah (from 4 Integrity) and Liu Yi Wan (from 4 Nation-Loving) have done us proud by winning the  First Prize .  


Creative Traditional Games Olympics 2.jpg
Creative Traditional Games Olympics 3.jpg
Creative Traditional Games Olympics 4.jpg 

English Language

N6 Cluster Creative Minds Award 2015

10 of our P4 pupils participated in the N6 Cluster Storytelling Workshop and Githa Charuni from 4 Integrity was selected by the teachers and trainers to showcase her storytelling skills at the N6 Cluster Creative Minds Award 2015. She was awarded the Best Storyteller Award. Her delivery of the popular fairytale “The Ugly Prince” was well-received by the audience during the award ceremony.

Digital videos created during the N6 Cluster Digital Storytelling Workshop by our P5 pupils - Kandasamy Kayalvizhi, Jacelyn Goh Yu Shing and Celine Lee Shan Ying of 5 Integrity won the Best Video Award, Most Original Story Award and Most Entertaining Story Award.

Creative Minds Award  2.jpg Creative Minds Award 1.jpg

We like to congratulate them for achieving excellence  Chinese Language

2015 National Calligraphy Competition

This competition is organised by Fo Guang Shan. A team of our Chinese Language pupils (from Primary 3 to Primary 6) participated in the competition. They have done well by clinching the 2nd and 3rd positions.

2015_CL_Caligraphy_01.png 2015_CL_Caligraphy_02.png

2015 International Chinese Language Competition for Primary Schools

This competition is organised by Holy Innocents’ Primary School, Shen Jia Men Primary School (China) and Taipei City Government, Bureau Of Education. Our Chinese pupils won 2 Silver and 1 Gold Awards for the Singapore District Category and 2 Silver and 1 Bronze for the International District Category. 

Singapore District
1. Wu Qian Wen 5 Integrity(Gold Award)
2. Teo Rui Shan 6 Integrity(Silver Award)
3. Sheryl Lim 6 Integrity(Silver Award)

International District( Singapore, Malaysia, Taipei, Beijing, Hong Kong)
1. Wu Qian Wen 5 Integrity(Silver Award)
2. Teo Rui Shan 6 Integrity(Silver Award)
3. Sheryl Lim 6 Integrity(Bronze Award)


Tamil Language

Tamil Language Competitions 2015

Pupils receiving the awards during the school assembly.

Chinnanjiru Maedai Drama Competition 2015 organised by National Institute of Education, Tamil Language Club.

3rd Position in Lower Primary Fancy Dress Competition 
3rd Position in Story-telling Competition
1st in Drama Competition
Overall Champions - Challenge Trophy for 3 years consecutively



SEA Games 2015

Singapore is celebrating its 50 th Anniversary this year and many glamorous events have been planned. One of these events is the 28 th SEA Games, which was last hosted by Singapore in 1993, at the old National Stadium. The event is held at the newly opened Sports Hub and Yishun Primary School is honoured to be chosen by the SEA Games Committee to participate in the Opening Ceremony. Thirty of our Primary 4 pupils took part in the 28 th SEA Games Opening Ceremony. The pupils trained for almost four months in preparations for the event. With perseverance and determination, our pupils displayed excellent performance on the opening night on 5 June 2015.  


SEA GAMES  1.jpg SEA GAMES  3.jpg SEA GAMES  6.jpg
SEA GAMES  2.jpg SEA GAMES  4.jpg SEA GAMES  5.jpg


Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2015  Achievements

Singapore Amazing Flying Machine is a competition organised by Science Centre and National Laboratories (DSO) -Singapore’s national defence research and development organisation. Click  here  to view their official website.

This competition challenge teams to work together, design and build innovative flying machines.   

There are 2 components for this competition. For the presentation segment , teams need to demonstrate their understanding on the Theory of Flight, the forces that cause a plane to fly and explain how the aerodynamic design of a plane enables it to fly well.  For the challenge segment , teams needs to create paper airplanes for 3 missions – Time Aloft, Precision and Longest Distance.

Our pupils have demonstrated excellence in this competition.
1.  Team Alpha – 1 st in Theory of Flight Award and 2 nd Position in Overall Championship for Primary School Category
2.  Team Bravo – 1 st in Time Aloft Award
3.  Team Care – 3 rd Position in Precision Award  

Participants from Team Alpha taking a group photograph with Mr Chan Chun Sing
Teachers and participants celebrating after the Award Ceremony


ICT/Robotics Club

N6 Cluster Media & Design Festival

Our pupils from the ICT/ Robotics Club, competed with other pupils from the N6 Cluster Schools - Anderson Primary, CHIJ St. Nicholas Primary,  Huamin Primary, North View Primary, Naval Base Primary and Peiying Primary in the N6 Cluster Media & Design Festival . We clinched top trophies for all three categories – Videography, 3D Animation and Robotics. We emerged victorious and attained the highest award – the Overall Champions trophy.

Overall Champions 

20151111_160830.jpg 20151111_161256.jpg 20151111_161747.jpg

Robotics Category: Champions

Muhammad Aqil Bin Ahmad
P4-Nation Loving:
Abdul Malik Fazeela Fathima
Ravi Sangeetha Revanth
Sasikumar Madhesh

Videography Category:
1st Runner-Up

P5-Nation Loving:
Arielle Daveisha Nussy,
Crystal Lim Hui Jing,
Ngwe Zin Thein
Yong Ying Jia Anna

3D Animation Category: 
1st Runner-Up

Kathryn Liu Yu Xuan
Celine Lee Shan Ying,
Low Yi Jun
May Pearl Tin Win

Qihua's Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Our ICT / Robotics club members participated in Qihua's Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition on the 7th of September. They did our school proud by clinching the following awards.

1st Runner-up for the I&E Challenge 2015
Awarded to Aqil from 4 Integrity  and Gavin, Arielle & Anna from 5 Nation-Loving

1st Runner-up for the Best Participating Group
Awarded to Ansh from 4 Integrity and Revanth, Jervis & Madhesh from 5 Integrity

Chinese Dance

We are pleased to share that 24 of our Chinese Dance members were invited to perform in the Singapore 50 th National Dinner, which was organized by Nee Soon GRC at the open field opposite Khatib MRT station on Saturday 8 August 2015.  

NDP Chinese Dance 1.jpg
NDP Chinese Dance 2.jpg

Indian Dance

National Schools Challenge 2015 at Bishan CC.

4th in Dance Category


Cub Scouts

Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award 2015

The Frank Cooper Sands Award is awarded annually to sectional scout units for unit excellence. Yishun Cub Scouts will be receiving their 14 th consecutive Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award for the year of assessment 2014. This is the highest attained achievement. We would like to congratulate our scout troop on their achievement.

Frank Cooper Sands 1.jpg
Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award.png

International Dance


Awards: 1st Runner up, Best Props Award & Best Anti-drug Theme Award
Organiser: Central Narcotics Bureau
Team name: Yishun Minions Madness
Participants: Pri 4-6

Int_Dance_03.JPG Int_Dance_04.jpg