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School Background


The former Yishun Primary School, situated at Yishun Ring Road, was the first primary school to be built in Yishun New Town in 1982. The school is currently under the stewardship of Mr Marvin Chan, who was appointed as Principal in December 2019. 

To provide a Student-Centric, Values-Driven Education, Yishun Primary School has several programmes and innovations to ensure a robust curriculum for its pupils amidst changing priorities and relevance. The school’s approach to teaching and learning focusses on engaging its pupils and igniting the joy of learning through experiential learning activities and harness ICT in an authentic environment. The Applied Learning Programme (ALP): Environmental Science Education aims to impart our pupils the practical concepts of science and its interplay with the environment. ICT is used to support the inquiry process and also facilitates scientific research, student collaboration and self-directed learning.

Through the Character Excellence Programme, the school has embarked on innovative practices to deliver CCE in meaningful and engaging ways. Project Work (PW) in Yishun Primary School is exciting and engaging as pupils immerse themselves in the Design Thinking process in solving real world issues. The 6-year progressive learning package aims to equip pupils with 21st Century Competencies, develop an appreciation of environmental science and values inculcation. 

Having been credited with the National Arts in Education Glow Award, the school's arts initiatives have been recognised by the National Arts Council for its rigour in developing more than just the mere appreciation of the aesthetics. Anchoring on the approaches of Music for All and Music for Excellence, the school's Learning for Life Programme adopts a modular approach in exposing all pupils to music. Every Yishun Primary pupil will be able to play at least 6 musical instruments at the end of his primary educational journey in the school. 

The school’s performing arts groups have received accolades in several national competitions and has been invited to perform at several Ministry functions including the MOE Workplan Seminar in 2013. The school was also invited to participate in the pre-parade segment at the National Day Parade 2013. In 2015, 30 pupils participated in the SEA Games Opening Ceremony held in Singapore; and the concert band performed in the opening of the Educators 50 Good Morning Cher! Exhibition. In 2016, the band participated in the Singapore-International Band Festival.            

The school has developed a learning culture and has put in place a learning and development framework for staff. This includes experienced staff coaching and mentoring the younger ones. The school is involved in the AST STEM programme to further improve mentoring skills of its Lead and Senior teachers. The staff take ownership of their professional growth. There is the abundance mentality where the school staff share, decide and collaborate on best practices to level up and learn from each other.   

Yishun Primary School has been a school of choice amongst families in the neighbourhood. Places during the Primary One Registration Exercises, allocated by the ministry, were fully taken up every year. The school will continue to work with the parents, PSG and other stakeholders to excite, engage and inspire our pupils for the future.