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Art & Crafts


The Art & Crafts CCA serves as a platform for our pupils who have a passion for Visual Arts to showcase their artistic talents. Pupils are able to explore with various mediums to create artistic works which express their ideas, imagination and reflections based on various themes.

To deepen their appreciation for Visual Arts, pupils are exposed to local and international artists’ artworks through learning journeys. To instill a sense of global awareness and gratitude, our pupils also embark on various meaningful projects which connect to the current society.

Through meaningful art-making processes, pupils develop their character and grow in our school values such as care, gratitude, responsibility and resilience.


Miss Phang Bi Yun (I/C) (phang_bi_yun@schools.gov.sg)
Miss Joan Kam See Mun (joan_kam_see_mun@schools.gov.sg)
Miss Cher Xin Joo (cher_xin_joo@schools.gov.sg)
Mdm Debbie Cheong (cheong_hui_ting_debbie@schools.gov.sg)
Mrs Ribut Aziz (ribut_nawi@schools.gov.sg)
Miss Roopini (roopini_jaya_balan@schools.gov.sg)

Art Room 1 & 2
Classroom C1-01, H2-06, H2-07

Time and Day:
2.00pm - 4.00pm, Tuesdays


Singapore Youth Festival Exhibition 2021
Category A - "Dream Space City" (Certificate of Recognition)
Category B - "Passport to Imagination" (Certificate of Recognition)

Based on the exhibition theme, "Artist and Technology" our student artists created artistic artworks which expressed how technology would impact the various aspects of their lives.

Our creative student artists’ SYF artworks, titled “Dream Space City” and “Passport to Imagination”.

Our Heart on Card project to show gratitude to our healthcare workers.

Healthcare workers with our beautifully made cards.


Singapore Youth Festival 2019 (Certificate of Recognition)

SYF 2019 – "Sea-ing Plastic"

7 of our Primary 2 pupils participated in the SYF Art 2019 (Category A) and the team’s artwork entitled “Sea-ing Plastic” has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition. The artwork will be displayed at the National Museum of Singapore.
The concept of citizenship is illustrated through the harmonious living of the sea animals. By reusing plastics, we are creating an awareness of the plastic pollution in the seas. We are committed to champion our school wide and nation’s upcycling efforts. We are confident that we can nurture responsible global citizens. 


Art Club_2019_2.jpg

The team's artwork, "Sea-ing Plastic"


Singapore Youth Festival 2017 (Certificate of Recognition)

SYF 2017 – Anything is Possible 

The theme for 2017, “Artist and Space”, invited YPS’ young artists to imagine, inquire as well as discover many ways to interpret and express the concept of ‘space’. In the process, they found inspiration from people, places and even objects within their environments. They created artworks that are personal and meaningful to them. 

One of YPS’ SYF Art teams compromising Pineda Maya Emilia Rodriguez (6 Sincerity), Samantha Ashley Parama Sivan (6 Sincerity) and Whitney Zen (6 Nation Loving) was awarded the Certificate of Recognition for their artwork titled “Anything is Possible”.


Participating in the exhibition had enabled the YPS’ SYF Art teams to develop core 21st Century Competencies as they entered the realm of imagination and discovery to express their ideas and dreams through the artwork. They also acquired enduring values such as resilience and strong adaptability that shaped their characters through the shared experiences. This fruitful experience had inspired them towards greater heights.

Our Art Club pupils and their Artworks
Our Art Club pupils experience pure joy and make wonderful discoveries. They are exposed to various forms and mediums in art such as drawing, painting, mixed media, 3D assemblage, collage as well as craft throughout the art-making processes. 


Our pupils got creative and had fun making paper bags. They also learnt to create interesting designs such as making the bag handles look like the shoe laces from the shoe graphics on the bag!


Our pupils with their 3-dimensional geometric models


Cotton bud paintings done by our very own P4 and 5 Art Club pupils 


Our Art Club pupils demonstrate their never give up attitude as they persevere throughout the art-making process.

Art Displays in School


Peacocks and 3D origami, proudly displayed at the school porch.



Mural Art and Typography Art outside the Art Room.


Combined mosaic art pieces along staircases.              


Monochrome art and Collage pieces beautifying the walls of the school.


In line with our school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP), pupils engage themselves in Upcycling where “unrecyclable” waste is turned into something of value. They learn to create art with items of waste and their final products can be impressive.

Learning Journeys

We believe that Art is everywhere. Therefore, our Art club experiences are not confined to the classroom context per se. Our pupils have the opportunities to go on learning journeys to understand and gain greater awareness of the importance of the role of art in our environment and society.


Learning journey at the National Gallery. (Photo taken pre-Covid)

Our Annual Art Exhibition


An annual Art exhibition that celebrate pupils’ successes at the end of the year.



Pupils’ artworks exhibited in the Art Room.

Our art exhibition, themed “Citizenship” at the Yishun Public Library.

Our Outstanding Budding Artist and Her Masterpiece

Our P6 Integrity pupil, Frances C.D’s stunning picture of the dandelions was chosen to be the cover page of our 2018 Pupil’s Handbook. She inspires us through her talent and her quest for sheer beauty as illustrated in her masterpiece.



ART is Everywhere!

We believe that Art is everywhere. Therefore, our Art club experiences are not confined to the classroom context per se. Our pupils have the opportunities to go on learning journeys to understand and gain greater awareness of the importance of the role of art in our environment and society. 



During one of our learning journeys, our pupils made their first attempts at Urban Sketching. They thoroughly enjoyed practising drawing on location at the Singapore Art Museum.


In April this year, our pupils also went to Orchid Park Secondary School and learnt about Digital Art and Print-making under the Direct School Admission (DSA) Out Reach Programme.


Our pupils with their completed designs.

Moving Forward and Values Inculcation through Art Club

It is the mission of the Art Club to stimulate and nurture the spirit of exploring and love for Art in the pupils. The Art Club provides a nurturing environment where teachers fan pupils’ passion for Art as they are given the space to express themselves creatively. We also aim to inculcate in our pupils the importance of perseverance, excellence and independence as they strive to complete every piece of artwork. They are constantly encouraged to do their best and be the best!

Our pupils went on a learning journey to the Singapore Art Museum on 31 July 2018 as part of Art Club’s experiential learning. The exhibition titled Imaginarium: Into the Space of Time, enables our pupils to understand how the past experiences have conditioned the present times and the future. In addition, through the spirit of discovery and exploration, our pupils were motivated to relate their learning to real life experiences as they took a closer look at the concept of time in relation to people of different cultures. 


Our pupils spotted the iconic Changi Airport in this detailed and colourful illustration, showcasing Singapore as a vibrant metropolitan city. 


Our pupils constructed knowledge actively as they expressed themselves freely based on their childhood memories via a hands-on session at the museum. Their drawings were put up after that. Affective, behavioural and cognitive engagement were evident during this session. 


One of our pupils was seen cranking the mutoscope to view an immersive installation of the future. Such animation devices make learning meaningful through movement and visual connections and experiences.



It was an enriching experience for both the teachers and the pupils at the museum. The museum environment encourages varied expression of ideas whilst pupils create meaning and make sense of the world from their creative lens. As supported by the Reggio Emilia approach, the environment is indeed a third teacher. It brings pupils level of engagement and joy of learning to a different level. Ultimately, as the approach envisions, we hope that our pupils will grow to be protagonists of their own learning.