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National Calligraphy Competition

our pupils participated in 2020 Awe-Inspiring Virtue and Ocean of Wisdom National Calligraphy CompetitionThe objective of this competition is to cultivate good values in our pupils and promote good penmanship.

The following pupils have been awarded with winning entries. (They have been shortlisted for final round, but final round is now cancelled due to the COVID -19 Circuit Breaker.)

Name of PupilClassAchievement
Jiang Zihan4 Integrity入围奖
Ning Naichun5 Excellence入围奖
 Gao Shijie6 Integrity 入围奖 
 Ang En Xin, Alyssa6 Excellence 入围奖 
 Datar Radha Rahul3 Excellence  入围奖案&文化奖

3rd Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools

Our pupils participated in the 3rd Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools. The main objective of this competition is to raise pupil’s Chinese Language reading proficiency. We hope to ignite our pupils’ love for learning Chinese Language and deepen their understanding of the texts in their textbooks through text recitals. Congratulations to our pupils who have achieved the following awards.

Name of PupilClassAchievement
Wang Huanxin Michael
Jasen Phua Le Yang
Tan Ming Ze
3 RespectBronze (Group Category)
Chen Yuxuan3 RespectBronze (Individual Category)
 Raychelle Geraldine Lim6 ExcellenceBronze (Individual Category)

Graduation from Junior Sports Academy

Our pupils were selected into JSA through a selection trial. JSA programme provides opportunities for students with higher physical abilities to discover their sporting strengths and passion. The aim is to nurture pupil’s sporting talent so that they can continue to develop at the secondary education level and beyond. The following 3 pupils have successfully completed the 2-year programme which comprises two main components – Sports Modules and Sports Education Modules.

Name of StudentClass
Cheah Ee Zhe6 Integrity
Lim Jun Wei,  Jerome6 Integrity
 Nicholas Ong6 Nation Loving 

TPSS 4v4 Basketball Invitational Tournament 2019

Tampines Secondary School (TPSS) organized the Basketball Invitational Tournament for primary schools.

The aim is to provide quality competition experience for our pupils to support character development through the pursuit of sporting excellence.

Our boys achieved the Champion & 1st Runner-Up.

Pupils have displayed:
  • continuous and constant drive to improve;
  • their best effort in training and competition; and
  • the virtue of ‘’Win humbly, lose graciously’’.





Green Wave Environmental Care Competition

The Green Wave Environmental Care Competition is a regional Science competition that aims to inculcate awareness and promote a sense responsibility for the environment. It encourages pupils to develop creative and innovative ideas in the area of environment care and protection and contribute towards the conservation and improvement of our environment.

Under the guidance of Mdm Latifah, Mrs Sindy Koh, Mrs Chloe Huang and Mrs Debbie Kee, 3 teams of pupils took part in the competition in 2019 and were awarded the:

  • Third Prize Award
  • Merit Award
  • Certificate of Participation
The team attaining the 3rd Prize Award with their project “Garden Litters to Bargain Glitters”.


The team attaining the Certificate of Participation with their project “High Fries”.

The team attaining the Merit Award with their project “Waste to Greens”.

Singapore Moo-O Awards

The Singapore Moo-O Awards 2020 is a storytelling competition where pupils take on characters in a story and present them in an interesting and engaging manner using the Moo-O software.

The objectives of the competition are:
  • To motivate students to read and speak fluently and expressively in English.
  • To cultivate a love for the English language through a fun, engaging and immersive way of reading.

Our school has been awarded the Gold Award. We congratulate the following team members.

Name of PupilClassAchievement
Chen Yuxuan
3 RespectGold
Liew Si Jia3 ExcellenceGold
 Ryan Phonne Pyae Maung3 ExcellenceGold

Action Research Projects by CL Teachers 

As part of the reflective practices, our school Chinese Language teachers had penned down their thoughts and written an article after they have carried out two Action Research projects on teaching and learning Chinese Language with new strategies last year. 

This article had been featured on page 39 and page 48 of the 64th Issue of Chinese Language Teaching in Singapore《华文老师》this year. 《华文老师》is a journal that focuses on the various professional aspects of Chinese teaching in Singapore and it is published by the Mother Tongue Languages Branch, Curriculum Planning & Development Division (CPDD).