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Physical Education


Healthy mind through active living 


To equip individuals with knowledge on social, mental and physical skills to embrace active living. 

Physical Education Objectives 

  • To cultivate an interest in leading a healthy lifestyle through the exposure of sports and games. 
  • To develop an interest in the area of physical fitness through the PE curriculum.  


  • Sports Day (P3 to P6) 
  • NAPFA (P4 and P6) 
  • ACES Day (P1 to P6) 

Completed activites

Program for Active Learning (PAL)

Upon embarking on PAL Phase 6, the school is carrying out activities for P1 and P2 which focus on the four domains of PAL, Performing Arts, Visual Art, Sports and Games and Outdoor Education. PE Department will look into Sports and Game and Outdoor Education. Conducted during curriculum, PAL focuses on three learning outcomes: Curiosity, Confidence and Cooperation.

Sports and Games



Annual Sports Day 2017

Teacher-in-Charge: Mr Masri
Date 01-Apr-2017 (Monday)
Venue: Yishun Stadium
Time: 8.00am - 1.00pm
Student Participants: P3-P6 

For photo, please click here.

Annual Sports Day 2016

One of the events that our P3 to P6 pupils look forward to is the Annual Sports Day. Practising hard during the House Practice and participating at the Sports Day has been rather memorable for many of our pupils. Besides the track events, pupils are also involved in cheerleading and banner-making displaying great teamwork, sportsmanship and true grit. The Staff and Parent Race add to the overall excitement of this event

Sports Day 01.jpgSports Day 02.jpg
Sports Day 03.jpgSports Day 04.jpg
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Sports Day 07.jpg
Sports Day 08.jpg

P3 SwimSafer Programme

The objective of this programme is to develop important life skills such as water confidence and water safety in our P3 pupils. The swimming sessions are conducted by qualified swimming instructors at Yishun Swimming Complex


The 3-days 2-nights P5 Camp INSPIRE was conducted from 25 Jan to 27 Jan at the MOE Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre. The objective of the camp was to create opportunities for our P5 pupils to engage in outdoor activities, which will provide an authentic experience for them to develop in the social, cognitive and physical domains.
P5 Camp 01.jpgP5 Camp 02.jpg
P5 Camp 03.jpgP5 Camp 04.jpg

P5 Camp 05.jpg

Rules of Sports Safety

  1. Screening
    Check the well-being of yourself before any activity. Ignoring the signs of unwell will put unnecessary strain on the body and the body will take more time to recover. 

  2. Adequate Hydration
    Enough fluid should be consumed to avoid dehydration.Hence, ensure you have a bottle of water to consume before, during and after any physical activity.

  3. Fairplay and Injury Prevention
    Understanding the rules of the game and engaging in fair play will reduce the risk of injuring yourself or others. Ensure proper warm up is done before any physical activity.

  4. Environment
    Ensure the environment is safe before carrying out any activity. Seek for shelter immediately if there is lightning.