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Opportunities for pupils to demonstrate, appreciate and contribute to the arts scene.


Providing pupils with various Art forms through pervasive Art and Music curriculum.

Art Curriculum

Pupils are given the opportunity to explore and experiment with different forms and dimensions of Art. Applying hands-on activities allow pupils to showcase their creativity and innovative thinking in the learning of Art. To inculcate creative and innovative thinking, pupils are engaged in the appreciation of local and international Art. 


Lessons comprise the teaching of a variety of songs, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary, the use of varied percussion instruments, the learning of the recorder from P3 to P6, hands-on activities through paired and group work and preparation for in-house performances. Lessons are livened up with the use of e-books, sound and video clips and suitable movies to ensure that effective, interactive and fun learning takes place. 

Viva De Symphonie through Concert Band – Championing Values: Living, growing and learning with music

Viva De Symphonie is the 6-year progressive programme provides opportunities for all pupils to develop an appreciation of music and enrich their lives through music. Young talents are systematically identified in the area of music and they were developed through the school’s music CCA groups. These talents are actively involved as participants and contributors to the music scene in the school and beyond.

The “Music for all and Music or excellence” approach encouraged lifelong learning in the pupils and provided them with a supportive environment for enjoyable participation in a variety of local and international musical activities, competitions and invitational performances. 

21st CC and values such as teamwork, resilience, responsibility, sense of purpose and creativity were inculcated in the students as they went through the different experiences.

Overview of Modular Programme

Modular CCA (Art and Music)

The modular CCA programme is conducted during the curriculum across all levels. Each level introduced to one modular programme for art and music. The modular programme aims to provide holistic education to the pupils.  


  • To promote the passion for art and music beyond the curriculum  
  • To provide platform for pupils to inculcate school and develop 21CC.  


  • Modules such as performing arts and visual arts are introduced. 
  • Each module consists of 7 sessions.  

Performing Arts

Visual Art

P1 – Percussion

P2 – Cornet

P3 – Clarinet   

P4 – Flute

P5 – Ukulele  

P6 – Guitar  

P1 - Mobile Art

P2 - Chinese Painting

P3 – Clay Pottery  

P4 – Manga Art

P5 – Graffiti Art

P6 – SandArt  

Percussion and Cornet


Clarinet and Flute


Ukelele and Guitar


Gamelan Performance 



Yishun Primary School – Gamelan Ensemble was invited to perform at the North West Youth Concert 2017 on the 13 July 2017 at the Ulu Pandan Community Centre. The concert organized by the North West Community Development Council (CDC) aimed to raise the funds for North West Student Support Fund (SSF) through donations from members of the public, community and corporate organisations.  

Through the performance, the pupils were given the opportunity to be active contributor to the society and develop confidence to perform in public. Their performance awed the audiences as the ensemble was the only cultural instrument ever invited to perform in the concert which has been organized for six years.

SYF Arts Performance 2016

Indian Dance - Certificate of Accomplishment

Malay Dance - Certificate of Accomplishment

Chinese Dance - Certificate of Accomplishment

Angklung /Kulintang - Certificate of Accomplishment

Concert Band - Certificate of Distinction  

International Dance - Certificate of Distinction  

Gamelan - Certificate of Distinction