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Cub Scouts


Yishun Primary Cub scouts is a CCA which provides a platform for self- development and self-discovery. We aim to create a closely–knit group environment, which prepares boys and girls to face and solve problems through courage, teamwork and creativity. This is done by providing cub scouts with training programmes, outings and camps. Our scouting programmes have also won us the Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award for the last 12 years consecutively and Honours Penant in 2009. Our cub scouts are constantly given a lot of opportunities to participate in activities, competitions and camps at District and National level.

With this exposure, we hope to develop our scouts into motivated, independent and adaptable individuals who are able to maintain harmonious relationship with others and be a contributing member of the society. Everything a scout does is an adventure. It’s a world of excitement, new interests and friends. 

Cub Scouts marching in with pride with the Singapore Flag during National Day celebrations. 
The Akela Award is presented to the Singapore Scout Association’s most outstanding Cub Scouts in recognition of their excellent performance in Outdoor Challenge, Adventure Challenge, Sharing Together and Helping to Lead. 
cub_scouts_4.pngCar wash held during Jobweek. Cub scouts learn the value of working diligently and earning through honest means. 

Mr Masri Bin Kario (I/C)
Ms Bernice Cheng
Mr Chan Chee Keong
Mdm Ahrunhachelam Shanthi

CCA Room 3
Indoor Sports Hall (ISH Level 2)
H4-05 Classroom

Time and Day:
2.00pm - 4.00pm, Tuesday


Frank Cooper Sands Gold Award since 2002 consecutively.
Frank Cooper Sands  Honours Penant Award in 2009