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Principal's Message


Yishun Primary School (YPS) would like to warmly welcome our pupils back to school! We would like to specially welcome our Primary One pupils and their parents into our Yishun family!


2017 was another year of success for YPS. We continue to achieve good outcomes in the curricular and co-curricular arenas. We are a collegial school community and both our staff and pupils display high levels of learning. We not only find Joy in Learning but also Joy in Caring for one another. The School will continue to motivate high performances with high expectations because we believe that ALL
children can learn at high levels and will provide the best enablers for them to excel in a
quality school environment.


Our school subscribes to the Learning Philosophy of Growth Mindset, and it has shaped our understanding of learning, motivation and success. We have been promoting the Growth Mindset in school and we would like to encourage our parents to continue to work closely with us to also promote this philosophy. 

YPS is well-established and continues to enjoy a high standing in the Yishun community. For the past 7 years, we have successfully filled all our Primary One places. We have a strong culture of care and learning. We have a strong team of key personnel to ensure that our pupils are developed holistically and have a quality school experience. We also have an excellent Student Development Team to look into the wellbeing of our pupils and provide specific support to meet their needs. Our teachers are reflective practitioners and they focus on customising and designing effective curriculum to meet the learning needs of all pupils. 


In the coming 2 terms, we will be organizing a series of Meet-the-Parent sessions for all levels so that our teachers can have focused sharing and discussion with parents on information regarding individual pupil’s learning progress, general conduct and holistic development. We look forward to meeting all parents during these sessions.


I look forward to a wonderful 2018 – to continue working in strong partnership with our stakeholders so that we can harness collective wisdom to care for our pupils and give the best to them!


Mrs Yee-Toh Gek Khiaw


School Leaders.jpg

Mrs Yee with Vice-Principals Mr Sadanandhan (right) and Mr Nicholas Tan (left)